Hello dear readers.

A bit about me, in case we haven't met. :) The most important things are as follows:

I am a Jesus-follower.

7 years ago, my sweetheart and I wed. These 7 years have been the fullest of my life. Andrew is the man I look forward to growing old with and I thank God for him every day. 

We have three munchkins. William (4), Elliot (2), and Lore' (the baby!).

I dreamed about being a SAHM ever since I was a little girl. Then, I played outside in my imaginary house with my baby doll and made "food" from crushed acorns. Now I kiss my own cuddly babies and make real food on the stove (scary!). It's not as picture-perfect as my girlish dreams, but at the same time it's better than I even prayed it would be. Marker on the wall and pee on the floor included.

I get excited about things old-fashioned and homey--drinking hot tea, making things from scratch, reading old books, sewing. I also love sushi and traveling. I'm not into television. And I'm firmly convinced that there is no celebrity as cute as my husband. ;)



  1. Just discovered your blog - what a handsome family! Good bless and much happiness to you all!
    Best regards,

  2. Alicia;
    This blog is so cool!! You are amazing!!
    Love you!
    Aunt Debbi

  3. We could be kindred spirits! I love homey things, sushi, homemade food and my husband is darn cute too! I also do not have TV. I mean I have a screen and projector for movies but no cable or satellite.

  4. Hey, Alicia! Found you on Home Sanctuary and realized you might just be in a couple of years. I'm a newlywed full time nurse hoping for the SAHM gig in the future. Where do you live? I noticed all the Publix stuff...I'm at Over the Threshold.

  5. Oh, sounds like we could be friends! I love being home with my kids- my own mom was a single mom to 4 girls, so she worked very hard, and while I appreciated that, I missed her and missed out I felt on a lot of things because I couldn't stay after school but had to get home to watch my sisters (I'm the oldest!)! I swore it would be different for my own kids, they would get to be kids!
    And I love Jesus, God is constantly showing me new things and even in the trials I have come to love Him even more for breaking me and using me!
    You have a beautiful family! Thanks for sharing about yourself!

  6. Popped over from Gyspymama! great to meet you... hope we can keep up...I'm a mom of 4 boys and don't watch TV either - not only becasue I think my husband is more handsome than any celeb, but also because it's a time stealer!

  7. How nice to meet you! What a sweet family you are! Have a great weekend!

  8. Found your blog through (in)courage. Good to meet you!

  9. I saw your comment on Smockity Frocks blog and decided to hop on over and see who you are :) We love chinese food here but I've been too nervous to try making it much myself (other than fried rice and a few stir-frys). Maybe I'll find some confidence from reading your blog :)

  10. I found your blog through a giveaway on Thrifty Mama, and I'm glad I did! (I just left a comment on your coconut oil post, too.) Sounds like we're living somewhat similar lives, and aiming for similar things. Only I have three boys! ;)

  11. Alicia, Beautiful family! I am on the other side of your life. My sweet boys are grown and I now have an empty nest. Just a thought...don't forget who you are as you grow your little family. I found you at the Blissdom newbie info. I am so looking forward to it!
    Have a blessed holiday!

  12. Hi Alicia! I stumbled onto your site through a friend's and just adore it! We met briefly through Chi Alpha years ago. I look forward to following your blog and absolutely L-O-V-E the fingerprint ornaments! Oh I felt my baby is no longer a baby reading it! (he's 7). Thank you for sharing!


  13. Just found your blog through Sarah's (LovedLikeTheChurch) and I'm so glad I did! I love finding other Christians who have blogs, it's such an encouragement! And I love how much you love being a SAHM after dreaming about it as a little girl. That's so sweet. Your very own dream come true. :)

  14. I love checking out old posts. You're so cute, Alicia. This is a great blog!

  15. Alicia, I love your post about marriage. After 19 years together and 16 years of marriage I still think my hubby is way more sexy than any Celebrity. We do not have TV at our house and we get so much done and our children are not as worldly as other children. I too am a SAH mom of 5 kiddos! God has blessed us greatly. Love your blog!

  16. I just found your blog (through photo-a-day party) and just by looking around and reading this I know you're a ray of sunshine! Loved stopping by- may you continue to follow Jesus and grow in His rich mercy & grace!
    Beautiful Family :)
    (Colleen) @ PaRtY of 5!

  17. great blog and great ideas .people like you are inspiring and sure help others to look at the daily activities of life with a new interesting perspective


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