Thursday, November 17, 2011

Felt Rose Tutorial {Try New Adventures Thursday!}

I did it. I bought a glue gun.

Since Pinterest has opened up a new world of do-it-yourself projects to me, I have read tutorial after tutorial that sounds easy and doable, until I got to the part that said I needed a glue gun. Sounded like a high tech, expensive tool to me. But I trecked to Michael's, and lo and behold! They cost a mere three dollars. I was pleasantly shocked, and am now the official owner of a glue gun.

With a few burns to prove it.

Ready to see something fun you can make with a simple glue gun, felt, scissors, and (if desired) a bar pin?

Sweet felt roses! Like the two in the middle of this fabric flower arrangement on my newly made wreath...

IMG_9757 copy1_edited-1

Like I said, this is all you need. Felt in your desired colors, scissors, a low temp glue gun, and a bar pin.

IMG_9738 copy
First, cut a largish wavy circle out of your felt.

IMG_9740 copy
Then start to go around your felt circle with your scissors, cutting the circle into a long strip (about 1/2 in. thick). The bigger your circle the bigger your final flower will be (sounds logical, right? hehe).

IMG_9742 copy
When you get to the end of your piece of felt, leave a little bit of the circle at the end. This will be the back of your flower.

IMG_9743 copy
To start making the flower, go back to the beginning of your strip of felt (the end without the circle) and begin to wrap the strip around itself. I found it helpful to use a dab of glue from the glue gun periodically to hold the strip in place as I wrapped it around. This is what you'll have (approximately) when you're done:

IMG_9744 copy

IMG_9748 copy
The last bit of the strip gets placed at the back of the flower, where you can glue it securely in place.

IMG_9753 copy
Next, I glued on a bar pin, so that I can wear this nifty rose!

Felt Roses
I made a bigger flower in purple and added leaves to the back.

I also made some felt roses for this fun wreath that I put together yesterday. It's a burlap-wrapped wreath with fabric/burlap/felt flowers...and I'm quite proud of myself!! In this case, I just hot-glued the flowers directly onto the wreath.

DIY burlap flower wreath

Is there anything else I can hot-glue around here? It's kind of addicting to have so much adhesive power...

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  1. Your wreath - and roses - looks great! And I do love that you were anti-glue gun previously. :) I have one but don't love using it. Perhaps I should've been focusing on my adhesive power! Haha!

  2. These are beautiful! I feel for you with the burned matter how hard I try, I always end up with at least one!

  3. Wow Alicia way to go! I'm not crafty but have always wanted a glue gun. I've stalled out because I figured they are expensive, but I can throw out $3 for one! Maybe a rose wreath will be making it's way to my door this holiday season after all!

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  5. Looks great!!! I used a glue gun all by myself for the first time last month and wow I wanted to keep crafting. I'm not a good crafter though, and wish I could sit down and finish a project from beginning to end without interruption. If I had some felt I'd try those roses right now.

  6. You go, Alicia! The roses are lovely! I got my first glue gun as a tween, but I've never used one to make flowers. You are inspiring me now though...

  7. I've been so behind this week and I just saw this post. Beautiful! I love the wreath and the roses. :) I thought hot glue guns were really expensive too and then randomly one day I saw them and couldn't believe how great they are! haha!

  8. Oh my word! I'm super impressed!!! Felt flowers are all the rage apparently...I found out about 2 weeks ago. LOL!! I'm going to try those for hair bows for my daughter!

  9. My recent discovery of (and subsequent obsession with) Pinterest has unfortunately coincided with the loss of my glue gun. Is this my personal craft hell? ( :-)

  10. Oh, wow! Cool twist on the yarn wreath using burlap! Never thought of that.

  11. I'm late to the show, but these are super adorable! Way to go Alicia!

    Hope you have a great Thanksgiving.

  12. WOW!! How easy and CUTE are those flowers!!! I definitely need to try them and create some loveliness around my house. The wreath is great! Thanks for sharing!

  13. Color me impressed! I LOVE IT! I gotz no time to craft right now, but suddenly I'M DYING TO TRY IT AND THEN OPEN AN ETSY SHOP!!

    Oh, my...the delusion!

    So proud of you for trying something new, Alicia. I'm inspired! :)


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