Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Odds and Ends

I've been a little MIA this week.

IMG_9735 copy

We spent a glorious, packed weekend at our church's annual retreat, and then came home to some topsy-turvy circumstances that are still getting worked out. My goals for this week? Keep everyone fed and clothed.

In the meantime, I have some fun odds and ends to share with you:
  • Today I'm guest posting over at Loved Like The Church about raising little boys. I would love your feedback there!
  • Last shoutout--my blogiversary giveaway ends tonight!! If you haven't already entered to win some Starbucks or the cute necklace charm, what are you waiting for?! P.S. If you have any trouble commenting, please let me know ( and I'll leave a comment for you.
  • It's collection week for Operation Christmas Child! Seriously, if you haven't packed a box, there is still time. All it requires is a trip to the dollar store/Wal-Mart or Target to fill your shoebox and a $7 donation. At our house, we've made it a fun yearly tradition.

In other news, I'm 34 weeks pregnant! Can you believe that my friend in the picture (who was 37 weeks pregnant) had her baby 2 days later?

See you back here tomorrow for Try New Adventures Thursday...



  1. You look really good and happy! Are you nervous or curious for the delivery? Love Amelie

  2. You look so adorable! Can't wait for your little man to arrive!

  3. Congrats to your friend!

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  5. You're forgiven for being a bit MIA, since you look so adorable!

    I hear ya on the "keep everyone fed and clothed" goal. It is not very exciting, but very noble. :)

    Does it seem so much more imminent now since your friend has had her baby? It's almost your turn!

  6. You look beautiful! I can't believe you are so far along!


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