Thursday, November 10, 2011

10 on 10 {Try New Adventures Thursday!}

Here's what a Saturday in our lives sometimes looks like...

7:36 am: My morning cinnamon latte and a pregnant belly.


9:30-ish am: It was a pancake breakfast Saturday! Or, in this case, a waffle breakfast, thanks to my sweet friend Andrea.


10-ish am: Caught my friend kissing on her handsome little boy over breakfast. Love this.


10:30-ish am: Something cheery on the breakfast/brunch table.


11:30 am: Squishy's new love = SAND.


1:27 pm: Evidence of a happy life.

Dirty Dishes

2:48 pm: Afternoon repose...sitting next to my hubby reading.


3:06 pm: Fall in our backyard.

IMG_9500 copy

4:43 pm: A little boy + "helping" daddy grill + charcoal = THIS. :)

Little boys

5:17 pm: Editing photos.


What would a day in your life look like? I'm linking up to the 10 on 10 challenge, where once a month (on the 10th) you take a photo every hour for 10 consecutive hours...capturing the beauty of the every day. :) I had fun with it!

ten on ten button small


It's Thursday, so you can link up your adventures below! Just link back to Alicia's Homemaking in your blog post and try to visit a few other participants and leave them some encouraging comments. Have fun!



  1. This is fun, and what a nice Saturday it looks like you had :)

  2. What fun pictures! I should try this for next month.

  3. Great pictures! How are you liking the new f/1.8 lens? We have a 2.8 - I love it.

  4. Amanda, I am LOVING my new lens. I just got it yesterday so I took all of these with my kit lens on Saturday. But you'll see pictures from the new lens soon! Sooooo much fun!

  5. How nice to do the breakfast thing outside. Those waffles look good.

  6. Love all the photos. Those waffles look so yummy!

  7. Looks like you guys had so much fun. The 10 on 10 sounds so cool- will have to try that. Your little guy is getting so big:)

  8. What a great set! Those waffles look heavenly!

  9. What a great day and a great project, maybe I'll try it next month! LOVE the photos, isn't the 50mm amazing? Which one do you have?


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