Thursday, November 24, 2011

Two Years {Happy Thanksgiving!!!}

My sweet firstborn is 2 years old today. It's Thanksgiving and a birthday all wrapped in one! Obviously, our cup is overflowing.

The year in retrospect:

December 2010
December 2010
Just learned to walk the month before. Baby jeans are the cutest thing ever.

January 2011
Half-Smile (Jan 12th)
Playing outside in the cold air.

February 2011
February 2011
Cheesin' it up for mom.

March 2011
brushing teeth
The kid has always loved to brush his teeth. Electric toothbrushes are SO COOL!

April 2011
Goofiness in the bathroom. At this age he loooooved to play with running water in the sink. It was a daily ritual.

May 2011
Reading with Memaw
Reading books (a favorite) with Memaw (another favorite).

June 2011
June 2011
Just hanging around the house with Mommy.

July 2011
More reading! This book is a hoot.

August 2011
IMG_7877 copy
When did he start looking so big?!?

September 2011
Practicing with daddy's stethoscope!
Practicing with Daddy's Stethoscope

October 2011
Kisses (Oct 2)
Big boy kisses for Mommy

November 2011
Hugging on baby
Hugging on Mommy's belly--his baby brother!

Happy birthday to my sweet boy. You have made the last two years filled to the brim with cherished moments, rowdy adventures, challenges, and fun. I. Love. You.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! No Try New Adventures Thursday today, since hopefully all of us will be enjoying the old tradition of stuffing our faces and hanging with family...

P.S. The winners of the blogiversary giveaway were WholescomeWomanhood (comment #45) and Dee (comment #97!). I've already heard back from both of you, so your prizes are on their way!


  1. Thank you, Alicia! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! :)

  2. So sweet, so much happiness! Happy birthday sweet boy!!! Love Amelie

  3. Awww....what a wonderful day! Thanksgiving and birthday! I'm a Christmas baby myself, and it's the best ever :)

  4. What a fun and sweet post! Happy birthday Squishy!!

  5. He went from baby to toddler between December 2010 and January 2011 i think. Happy Birthday!

  6. Great pics!! Happy 2nd birthday to the little guy! Did I miss it last year that it is the same day as my FIL's? =p

  7. What a fun look at Squish through time, happy birthday big boy!


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