Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Cloth Diaper Endeavor!

Until now, William has been wearing disposable diapers. And boy, are they expensive! Thankfully, we were given 3 large boxes of diapers for Christmas, and I was able to purchase some prior to his birth on sale/with coupons.

But now, I am ready to embark on my first cloth diapering experience. Pictured above are the diapers I am starting out with (and many thanks to my friend Lindsey for lending me a lot of them):

9 Bumgenius size small,
17 generic cloth diapers (that require covers)
3 covers (2 bummy whisper wraps and one thirsty)
2 Tilly Tally Diapers, size small
1 Tilly Tally Diaper, one size fits all

Remove Formatting from selectionMy diaper hamper and detergent (scent and enzyme free)...

And a happy little boy!

I'll let you know how it goes. :)


  1. Is the hamper for putting clean diapers in? I use a garbage pail about that size with a lid that "locks" so my now 16 month old doesn't pull the dirty ones out! :)

  2. Oh ha! Didn't even think about that potential future problem. No, the hamper is for dirty diapers. :)

  3. Good luck! You will save money and trash in landfills!

  4. I was a bit late in linking up to Frugal Friday, but I posted my Cloth Diapering 102, how I washed and cared for our diapers. My little one is now potty trained and I kind of miss the cloth! :>) Here's hoping for another little bottom to diaper sometime soon...

  5. I love cloth diapers!!! You will love the bumgenius. Have fun with your diapers!!!!!

  6. I was fascinated by the resurgence in cloth diapers (Yeah!). When my little ones were diaper age there was little options for cloth, or at least, little option the I knew about in the main stream. Sure wish I had invested a little time to research it and used cloth. Looks like there are many varieties available. Is there a diaper pattern somewhere that allows you to make them yourself?

  7. I'm sure there probably is a pattern out there somewhere! The Tilly Tally diapers that I have were made by a friend of a friend. :)


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