Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Making My Own Cream of Chicken Soup

Another experiment in the kitchen today! I embarked upon
making homemade condensed cream of chicken soup. I wanted to do this for 2 main reasons: 1) to eliminate MSG, which the canned soup contains and 2) to reduce the cost. Not to mention it will probably taste better in my recipes!

Here you can see my chicken broth, which I made on Monday after I roasted some chicken. I was in the process of skimming the fat

I used Tammy's recipe to make my soup. First, I combined the chicken broth, some of the milk, and the spices and brought it to a boil for a few minutes.

In a separate bowl I whisked the remaining milk and the flour.

Add this to the boiling mixture, whisking as you go, until the mixture is thickened and boiling.

And you're done! This made approximately 6 cups (4 cans worth) of soup (I doubled the recipe). I will use all of this soup in next month's freezer cooking day. For now I'm storing it in my freezer.

The recipe called for poultry seasoning, which I did not have in my cabinet. If you buy this seasoning in the store, it will most likely have MSG in it (I looked!). So I made my own, combining several recipes I found online.

Poultry Seasoning

2 tsp ground sage
2 tsp thyme
3/4 teaspoon rosemary
1/2 tsp black pepper
Pinch of cloves

Some recipes call for marjoram, nutmeg, or savory, none of which I had in my spice cabinet, so feel free to add some of these if you have them!


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  1. I love the idea of having the HOMEMADE condensed soup in the freezer! Thanks for sharing! Also, thanks for the poultry seasoning recipe. I'll be adding this recipe to my spice cabinet once I finish the tin of storebought poultry seasoning!

  2. Wow! Great job on this recipe! I've saved it to "gotta try this!" file. I make my own broth but haven't tried this yet. There are so many recipes I love that call for a can of cream of chicken that I stopped making :( Thanks for the inspiration :)

  3. Question - how did you freeze it? In ziploc bags or jars? How about defrosting and cooking it? How much water would you add?

  4. @Mum in Bloom,
    I froze it in jars (but you could also do ziploc bags!). I won't add any water to it since my recipes just call for the cans of soup...1 1/2 cups of my soup should equal one can of condensed soup. If I did want to have it just as soup, I would add milk (or 1/2 milk, 1/2 water) until it was the consistency I wanted. :)
    I will probably put the jars in the fridge to thaw overnight before I use them...or I would crack the lids and warm them up in a pot filled with water on the stove. I don't know if the latter is the "recommended" way to defrost it, but it's worked for me in the past.

  5. That looks easy! I make broth when I can and sometimes use canned, but never tried making my own cream of chicken soup. This is definitely going in my 'recipes to try' file!


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