Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Monday @ the Supermarket--A Little Late

Yes, I did go shopping yesterday. With around $94 spent on my freezer cooking day, I have $106 left in the budget to work with for the rest of the month. Most of this will go towards fresh produce--fruit, veggies, milk, eggs. Our meat is mostly taken care of for the month. With any wiggle room I have each week, I will buy things on sale that I need to stock up on and hopefully some groceries for the next freezer day. :)

Here are all my purchases pictured together. I spent $26.53. And I might not need to buy any more eggs this month. :)

The breakdown:

WalMart--Spent $17.67 (bought the majority of the food there).
Publix--Spent $5.81, saved $6.86 (I also got a raincheck for the BIGI yogurt).
Winn-Dixie--Spent $3.19, saved $7.97.

As you can see, I bought lots of dried beans...I'll be cooking up two big pots later this week.



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