Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Top Ten Reasons I Look Like A Freak In The Grocery Store

You'd know me if you saw me. I'm the girl on Isle 3 with:

1) A calculator...
2) And a typed grocery list (thanks Southern Savers!) and a pen for crossing items off the list...
3) And two envelopes for coupons...
4) And scissors to cut coupons from the store ad...
5) And reusable bags (they hold so many groceries)...
6) And a BABY...
7) And then the baby starts to cry and I take him out of the seat (for the sake of my fellow shoppers) and continue placing items in the cart, adding and subtracting on the calculator, crossing items off the list, and moving coupons from one envelope to the other.
8) And then I get in line. I warn the people behind me that this might take awhile.
9) I leave the store having spent $35 for over $100 worth of groceries...:) Yay!
10) Then I get home and arrange the groceries to take a picture of them! This part always makes me laugh at myself.

Not sure what I'll do when I have more than one kid, besides leave them with dad!

Do you have any strange grocery store behaviors?


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  1. I feel like a freak at the grocery store because I usually go in classic "what-not-to-wear" clothes and no makeup . . . with more than one kid you'll get one of those huge car carts and cram them both in the car part with a container of those gerber puffs to distract them.

  2. This post totally made me laugh! I'm the same way, but I never remember the scissors! I'm one of those people who tears the coupons out!

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. HAHAHAHAHA! I do every single one! I actually have a coupon binder (with scissors inside), and boy does that get some looks. I also use an Excel spreadsheet for my list, so I know pretty much exactly what my total should be. I'm confessing that here because you will understand!

  4. Hilarious!! But worth it, right?!!

    Thanks for linking up!

  5. lol, great list! i always admire people who come out with the store pretty much owing them money. i really wish it turned out that way for me! and if i got a great deal like that, i would be taking pics too!

  6. yeah...i feel the same way and i am every one of those on your top ten! LOL! i feel so crazy (and feel like i'm getting crazy looks) when i pull out my calculator, oh...AND the scissors! :)

  7. LOL! Good stuff! I'm right there with ya - except for the couponing thing. Haven't quite gotten into that yet. But I DO shop at two different stores each time I grocery shop. That's FUN with a 1 1/2 yr old. (insert sarcasm) ;)

  8. I can relate, though I often forget to bring my scissors! My favorite time to shop is LATE at night after my three kids are asleep.

  9. :) sounds just like me!
    Except I have 3 children to drag along!

  10. Couponing is such a challenge, but that's the fun of it. Sadly,I have no babies to attract attention, but I think what makes me a spectacle in the grocery store are my unsightly spectacles. At 50, I'm slipping reading glasses on and off my head to read the tiny print on the coupons and grocery items so I won't embarrass myself at the check out. I enjoy coming home, and my husband usually asks, "how'd you do?" meaning how much did you save??


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