Thursday, June 3, 2010

Decluttering on Steriods

Moving took our de-cluttering challenge to a new level in May! I was at 248 items given away/sold/thrown away by the end of April, remember?

In May we purged more items than January, February, March, and April put together, including:

2 couches

1 armchair

2 bookshelves

1 television and tv stand

1 baby swing and 1 baby tub (baths in the sink from now on!)

1 full size bed with mattress and frame

Tons of clothes

Picture frames, unused kitchen items, extra towels

1 toaster oven

1 coffee table

More books

1 broken baby carrier

More Army gear

1 lamp....

and tons more. I have officially lost count, because in the week preceding our move and since we have arrived at our new apartment, we have been tossing stuff out left and right. If it doesn't fit, it goes (and with 700 sq ft, there's plenty that doesn't fit!).

Ah, I love the liberty of getting rid of STUFF. Less to maintain. :)

The month of May found us lighter by over 350 items, bringing our total number of items decluttered to over 600...and counting. Hooray!

This post is linked to Amy's Declutter Challenge and Things I Love Thursday. :)

Disclaimer: I am not actually taking any steriods! 


  1. that's some serious decluttering! Our family goal this year is to Simplify and that includes getting rid of a lot of stuff. You're right it feels great!!

  2. That is AWESOME!!

  3. Wow! That's great!

  4. Haha, thanks Christine...didn't want anyone to get the wrong idea from the title. ;)

  5. WOOHOO! Way to go! I didn't do as great for May, but I've got several places I'm going to get to this moth especially with kids being done with school by tomorrow. :D

  6. I must say I'm jealous of you getting rid of 350 items! (And I thought 43 was good!!) Great job getting rid of the clutter!!

  7. Great job! Found you from the Finer Things linkup.

  8. Whoa! You are on a roll! I'm inspired to do more... maybe I can get it done on the super-hot days when going outside just isn't worth it.


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