Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Freezing Ground Beef

Whole Bottom Round was on sale at Publix this week for $1.99/lb. So I tried something that Cheryl had recommended, and asked my butcher to grind the meat into ground beef. I brought home approximately 7 lbs of lean ground beef and 2 lbs of stew meat. Around here, I have had a hard time finding ground beef for under $2.50/lb, so I was happy to find lean ground beef for such a good price!

I don't typically cook up this much meat at one time (unless it's freezer cooking day!), so it typically makes it's way to the freezer. I package my ground beef by putting 1-2 pound portions in ziplock bags for freezing. After I put the meat in the bag, I flatten it out as much as possible. This makes the thawing time much faster when it is time to actually cook the beef. The flat, frozen bags of beef also take up less room in your freezer and stack nicely.

To thaw, I simply place the bag of frozen meat under running water or in a bowl of water. In a pinch, I have thrown the frozen meat straight in the pan for browning.  :)

What's your favorite recipe using ground beef?

Please don't let all this raw meat deter you from joining me tomorrow for Try New Adventures Thursday

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  1. I've heard this tip before. I have got to try it soon and see if I have as much luck.

  2. I used to do buy ground beef and other meat in bulk and freeze it just like that. I actually don't eat a lot of meat anymore.

    I've found too that most recipes will call for a pound of ground beef, but I would freeze in half pound portions. Then I would just use half of the meat that was called for. The dish would taste just as good, and it would stretch each meat purchase even further!

  3. Great idea! :D I usually divide mine up as well but hadn't ever flattened it.

    Thank you for sharing!

  4. Lasagna or spaghetti are probably the two ways I use ground beef most, but we love a recipe for a slider casserole from Here's the link:

    Or just go to and look for "Slider Style Mini Burgers."

    What I like about this recipe is that you make it all in one casserole and not as individual sliders. The only real 'work' involved is cutting up the mini dinner rolls. You can make the meat part and freeze it for later, too!

  5. Tacos! Love beef tacos! thanks for the tips.

  6. Great idea!
    Thanks for linking up!


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