Friday, June 18, 2010

Meet Immaculate

I started consistently reading Kristin's blog right when she was about to go on her trip to Kenya with Compassion International. She was constantly urging her readers to please sponsor a child.

I thought about it and talked with my husband.

Then Amy joined in.

More talk.

We saw a picture of a sponsored child on a friend's refrigerator.

Then, for goodness sake, a local radio station had a campaign to sponsor as many children as they could.

Everywhere I turned it seemed, someone (Someone) was telling me to sponsor a child.

So last night--finally--my husband and I signed up through Compassion International to sponsor Immaculate, a 5 year old girl from Uganda (one of 10 children in her family), who lives in an AIDS affected region and had been waiting for a sponsor for over 6 months.

Her name makes me smile. Not to mention her fabulous striped outfit. :)

We are so excited to be able to do this. And humbled.

And I wanted to share this with you in case Someone has been nudging your heart. Maybe you, like hard-of-hearing me, have not been jumping to respond.

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  1. Tears of joy for you AND Immaculate!

  2. She's beautiful (love her name). You will never be sorry!

  3. Oh, how precious! Amazingly, I have been giving very serious thought to sponsoring a child through World Vision. I think you blog was just another nuge. Thanks for stopping by this morning and you really should go for an "expert" bra fit. :o) Abundant blessings to you!


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