Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Top Ten Ways to Move Smoothly and Economically

I can't take much credit for this post, because many of the ideas came from my wonderful readers. When I asked for moving tips several weeks back, you guys came through.

As of today, we are in our new town and were able to accomplish our move smoothly and economically! :)

Here's what helped us:

1) To move without spending crazy bucks, do the work of moving yourself instead of hiring someone to do it for you. We asked friends for help and they were there to help us pack up the truck, clean the house, and unload in our new town (They were awesome! We bought them pizza for lunch and made a "party" out of it).

2) Don't buy boxes. You can get LOTS of boxes for free if you call around to local stores. We got our boxes from Publix, Bath and Body Works, Winn-Dixie, and a local liquor store.

3) Use liquor store boxes to pack your glasses/jars. They have those divide-y thingies.

4) While we're on the topic of boxes, get lots of them.

5) Don't buy packing paper--drop by your local newspaper office and get old newspapers. We called the near-by campus newspaper and they told us to feel free go to campus and raid the boxes (it was an old issue they were about to toss anyway!).

6) Start organizing early. The more organized your are, the easier the actual packing part will be. Hopefully you won't end up packing up multiple "junk drawers"...that does not make for happy un-packing.

7) Start packing early. Label each box that you pack. I labeled according to room, and also put a few details as to what was in the box (i.e. Kitchen: dishes).

8) As you pack, designate one box as "Throw Away" and one box as "Give Away."

9) Pack an "OPEN FIRST" box. Or several of them!

10) Remember, even with the most well-planned, well-executed move, things will break! Try to stay relaxed. Thankfully, I got through the move with only one broken measuring cup, so I consider myself blessed!

What tips would you add? Do you have any crazy moving stories?

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P.S. Do you like the combination of liquor and diaper boxes that I have going on in my picture? ;)



  1. Only one broken measuring cup ... yes you did good!! I say labeling & purging the two most important things in my mind. Chances are if you're getting tired of it in your old house you're really not going to like it in your new one!! And definitely label, label, label. I was in charge of a company office move several years ago & I assigned every room in the new office with a number. Then all the boxes were labeled with a number to match which room they went in. This was much easier for the movers & even our office staff as opposed to saying "Mandi Office" and a mover not knowing who "Mandi" was:)

  2. Definitely try to get rid of as much as you can beforehand. Less to move! :D

  3. We've moved a lot, but never smoothly! For our last move, my husband packed everything up and our three children and I left to stay at my in-laws until our boxes and furniture were delivered to the new place. It was a lot of work for my husband, but it kept our kids from getting in the way.

  4. 4am??? My dear, after a long day of moving, you really should sleep instead of blog. ;) But I am proud of you!! Can't wait to see the new place....

  5. Great tips! I love the liquor store idea! I have never bought boxes either---I usually just hit up WalMart at about 11pm when they are stocking shelves you can get TONS of boxes.

    And an OPEN FIRST box should include TOILET PAPER. Ahem.

  6. And if you're military never let TMO pack for you!!! They broke three of my fairy figurines. :( And I agree with Amanda..the 1st box should have Toilet Paper....TMO marked everything weird, so we had to go buy new toilet paper, cleaners, paper towels, shampoo..grr.

  7. Ugh. I hate moving, but these are great tips. The Open First box definitely needs toilet paper, but also light bulbs, basic tools, towels, and something to cover windows.

  8. We are former military...but what is TMO?
    Packing seems like a very personal thing in some ways (maybe because I'm an organizing freak) so it's hard to imagine having someone else do it for me!
    Yes, labeling...I meant to include that in my post! Definitely a big help.

  9. I never thought of going to a liquor store for boxes. I would feel really weird going in there, though, seeing as I don't drink. :)

    And skipping the professional movers should go without saying. Who can afford to pay for something like that? Renting the truck is expensive enough!

  10. These are wonderful tips! When I moved myself back in college, I always went dumpster diving behind Walmart and a local strip mall for boxes! (I remember Dollar Tree rocked!)

    Because we are on a military base, this time the German Movers will be moving us - so we aren't allowed to pack anything ahead of time (because they will unpack and repack it!)

    But I'm already purging for a yard sale next weekend! Thank you for sharing this link with me! :)

  11. Getting free boxes is more economical than buying. However, I would only recommend using ones that are strong and sturdy, particularly for packing fragile, expensive items. Personally, I would much rather have them in brand new boxes because protection is the top priority.


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