Thursday, July 15, 2010

Try New Adventures Thursday: Read An Old Book

For my twelfth birthday, my older godsister Molly gave me a lovely, aged copy of Treasure Island by Robert Stevenson. The pages were yellowed, a few of them disconnected from the binding.

I loved it.

I still haven't read it.

*hangs head*

I am currently reading the book you see at the forefront of this picture--Readings In European History, Volume I. My dad lent it to me when I asked him for a good history book.

I feel very ignorant when it comes to history--I know some American history, but European history is all a blur to me.

This old history book talks about the importance of reading primary sources when studying history, due to the fact that stories change as they are retold by different people. Readings In European History is a collection of primary and secondary sources...history told by those who were closest to it. So interesting! I am determined to make it through this book. I am homeschooling myself. Hopefully by the time my kids are ready to learn, it will all be less of a blur to me. The book is currently discussing the Huns and their invasion of Europe.

And next on the list? Treasure Island!

So, my new adventure is taking place on the couch....where is yours happening? Link up your new experiences/adventures/lessons/trial-and-error, and we will come along with you for the ride. :) As always, you can follow along on twitter with the hashtag #TryNewAdventures.

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P.S. I have also linked up to Fishmama's Bookin' It post to let everyone know what I have been reading lately. I missed last month!


  1. Hi! I tried to find the "before" pictures, but I think they're backed up on a hard drive somewhere....maybe I'll add them when Wayne comes home. Anyway, what do you think? Hehe.

    PS That history book sounds

  2. I have a stack of old books that I keep meaning to read. One is a book my grandma gave me that her mom read before my grandma was born. The main character's name is who my grandma was named after. I also have a lot of classics I want to read. I think this is the year I need to get to it. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. old books make me sneeze. :( I love to read. Lately it's mostly on the iPad. Now that doesn't make me sneeze.

  4. What a great idea. I read a few old books in high school but haven't since. I might have to do it again!

    BTW, I just re-read my last comment {about switching to WP} and it sounded a little rude. Totally not what I meant!! I just really love WP and want everyone to switch. :) So, if you read it that way too, I'm really sorry, that wasn't my intention!

  5. Audrey: I'll let you know how it goes. Maybe you can ask me how I'm doing with it so I stay on the ball.

    Jackie: that book sounds awesome!

    Betty: You make me laugh. Reading on an iPad just wouldn't give me the same homey sense. But then, I'm terribly old-fashioned. Except I am on twitter, which makes all of my sisters laugh.

    Sarah: No worries! I was not offended in the least and I'm so sorry you've had trouble making comments!

  6. I just love your ideas! We are visiting my grandfather this week and he mentioned some historical books that impacted him as a boy. Now I am doubly inspired to take a closer look at them. Tomorrow's my last chance...


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