Tuesday, August 31, 2010

10 Wonderful Things About Marriage

Together for R&R in Garmisch, Germany
1) God came up with it. And He makes it work! I'm grateful for His grace in marriage.

2) When you face life together, the hard times are softened and fun times are even more fun.

3) Cuddling. I've always loved hugs.

4) When you marry, suddenly what previously may have affected only you now also affects your spouse. The good and the bad. You learn (hopefully) not to be so self-absorbed.

5) You're a team. You can even have secret codes if you want.

One week after Squishy's birth
6) Children. They are such a joy! However, I'm reminded of something my godfather told us before we got married. As a married couple, you are a family, with or without kids.

7) Accumulated memories and inside jokes. Can you imagine how many sweet memories you will have with your spouse when you are both (God-willing!) in your eighties?

On our honeymoon
8) Growing together. In experience, in following Jesus, in years. There is also the fun aspect of trying new things together. A few of the things I've tried for the 1st time since marrying Andrew: skiing in the Austrian Alps, white-water rafting, waterfall rappelling, ice-skating, and weinerschnitzel! Thanks to him, I also know how to throw a Frisbee (mostly--let's just say PE wasn't my forte in homeschool!).

9) Bearing each others burdens, carrying each other in weakness, sharing joy.

10) Starting and ending each day together.

What is one of the sweetest parts of marriage to you?

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  1. I've been married for 12,5 years now and we have been through so many things, very good and very difficult. But always there for each other. My marriage is such a safe place where I can be myself totally; even on my worst day with my worst mood and bad hairday, he still loves me just the way I am!
    You two look like a great couple, wish you two many happy years to come!
    love Amelie

  2. Awww, what a sweet post! My husband is my best friend and we just talk and talk, which sometimes gets us in trouble when we can't stop talking and it's midnight and we regret it when the kids wake us up at the crack of dawn. ;-) It's wonderful to be a part of a team, God truly blessed me with my husband!!!

  3. I think for me, it's that wherever Daniel is, is "home." Together with him is SO much better than alone without him!

  4. Such a sweet post about marriage {and your hubby!}. One of my favorite things about my marriage is the laughter. My husband is a jokester {in a good way} and has a very light and joyful heart, so there is lots of laughter in our house. I love it!

  5. So sweet Alicia! I love that my husband and I were an unlikely match - and we made it work because we love each other, and love God and so many people see that message from us.

  6. Adorable pictures and I agree with all 10!

  7. I love this list - especially number 7! We have so many of these after 11 years together, 7 married. =D


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