Monday, October 18, 2010

Of Cream of Mushroom Soup

Since the canned cream of mushroom soup you can buy in the store is 1) too expensive, in my opinion and 2) has MSG in it, I've taken to making my own, using Amy's fabulous recipe. I actually don't cook a lot with cream of mushroom soup, so I have just been whipping up a batch when I want to Spinach Souffle.

Until now, that is. Last week I had leftover soup, and Andrew and I decided to each serve up a bowl to go along with dinner. We threw in some baked chicken and wow! This soup is making it into the regular creamy and flavorful! And frugal to boot. :)

Some other favorite soups for Fall/Winter:

My Momma's Chili
New Brunswick Stew
Black Bean Soup
Chicken Noodle Soup
"Awesome" Stew
Coconut Curry Chicken Soup (I want to try Sarah's recipe!)

With all of that said, I should have looked at the forecast before deciding on this week's menu plan, since it's supposed to get up to the 80s again during the day! Boo. Ah well, we'll eat soup and pretend it feels like fall. Sometimes it's the best a Floridian can do.

Breakfasts: cold cereal, yogurt, eggs
Lunches: leftovers, sandwiches
Monday--Salad night!
Tuesday--Sticky Chicken with Carrots and Rolls
Wednesday--Cream of Mushroom Soup (w/Chicken!), Broccoli, and Biscuits
Thursday--Chili with cornbread, pumpkin cake for dessert (recipe later today!)
Friday--Pizza night

I'm linked to Org Junkie's Menu Planning Monday.

What's your favorite soup recipe? I would love to add some new soups to our family's repertoire.



  1. Sounds like a great week and what a yummy mushroom soup!

  2. The mushroom soup looks amazing, and I can't wit to try to the coconut chicken curry too!

    And from a fellow Floridian - I've decided that Fall is more of an attitude than a season, and pretend away =)

  3. It sounds so easy, I have to try this! Thanks for the idea. This will be a great new recipe for next week. Here in Holland the waether is really good for eating soup ;-)
    Love Amelie

  4. I love making cream soups at home! I don't know why I didn't start years ago :) Yea for soups :)

  5. Um, yum? Have you tried pea soup? If you haven't, I'll do a post on the recipe a little sooner. Super EASY. Like, the EASIEST ever. And CHEAP. Feed ten people for like, $2. Fo shizzle.

    So if you get a chance, I'd love to see your to-do list! I wanna see what you were to get done from last time!

  6. Your cream of mushroom looks great, and I have to agree, homemade soups are so much better than the canned stuff. Pumpkin (or any squash) soup is great for the season.

  7. I happened to make a creamy mushroom sauce just today--for putting on top of a sausage breakfast casserole. It's really quite easy, and took less time and trouble that I thought it would. I'll have to compare Amy's recipe to what I did.

    As for my favorite soup, it's hard to say. My mom has some amazing soup recipes. One of my favorites is a wild rice soup that I make with chicken and ham. I should put it on the menu for next week, now that I think of it!

  8. That mushroom soup looks delicious! I will be trying that instead of the canned stuff very soon..thanks for the recipe!

    I think my favorite kind of soup (today, anyway) is split pea. It's so yummy and thick and warming.

  9. I've found that I need to look at the forcast before planning also! I plan for fall and it's hot out. I plan for "summer" and it's freezing!

    I love Cheeseburger Soup!

  10. I've been using more and more cream of mushroom. I actually mixed it with rice the other night and it was suer yummy (and my girls gobbled it down!).

  11. The canned kinda can't even begin to compare with the real thing.

  12. I really like Ellie Krieger's Tuscan Vegetable soup. I've made it a lot and it's never let me down. I usually puree some of it in a blender to give it more body.

    The baby is really liking pureed lentil soup (made with red lentils, carrots, celery, onion, garlic, squash, potatoe, and tomato) and chicken soup.


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