Thursday, October 14, 2010


Some made-me-smile moments this week:

 Squishy watching the bread cook

Raw honey delivered to my door by my local honey-man! How great is that? Seriously, this is better than having a milk-man. The container he's holding costs $4--I got 8 of them!

Pumpkin cake. I gave some away, but still, the whole 9x13 pan was gone in less than 24 hours. Recipe coming on Monday!

Adorable baby twins!!! Be still my heart.

Just hangin' with da Squishy-man during the day. I <3 my job.

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  1. Oh, those ARE fun pictures!! And $4 for RAW HONEY!?!?!?! Please send him to my door! That looks like a quart jug? You pay TWICE that for a PINT here, and that's store-brand!

  2. Love the pics...and I totally want your honey man...does he travel? :)

  3. How sweet is your Squishy! Adorable. Give him a big cuddle for me please!
    Love Amelie

  4. i am LOVIN' THAT HONEY MAN! when you answer the door, do you smile and say, "Hey honey!"? LOL.

  5. Yummy pumpkin cake and fresh honey. Can I come over?

  6. Can't wait for that pumpkin cake recipe! I'm on a pumpkin kick right now (as I am every year, around this time.) Chocolate chip pumpkin bread cooling on my rack as we speak! :-)

  7. Good Morning Alicia, Wow! raw honey delivered to your door?? That is my dream! Can you send him to mine??? A lovely post, and an adorable little squishy. Thanks for the coffee, have a great weekend(I'll be back on monday for the cake recipe)

  8. I love, love, LOVE his dimples and expression in the last picture. *kisses*

  9. Great post Alica! Love all the pictures. Beautiful babies and you and Squishy are precious!

    Love that you honey man delivers! That is awesome.


  10. OK, I love that you took a pic of the Honey Man! Does he know he made your blog?!!


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