Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Simple Kitchen: 10 Favorite Tools

You've seen pictures of my one-person kitchen. Because of it's size (and also because The Less Project is underway), I stick to basic kitchen tools. I do not have the space or the budget for fancy appliances (however, if you were planning on getting me a Kitchen Aid Mixer or a NutriMill Wheat Grinder for Christmas I'm sure I can find someplace to put them! *wink*).

In my simple kitchen, here are the 10 tools that I use non-stop:

Tea kettle1. My beloved tea kettle. How do people live without tea kettles in their kitchens? Kettles are old-fashioned (love!) and homey. And they whistle.

2. My Caphelon Stock Pot and Jumbo Fryer. A sweet uncle bought us a lovely set of Caphelon pots and pans when we got married and they have been so awesome. I use the stock pot and the "jumbo fryer" (basically a large, deep skillet) almost every day.

3. A trusty crockpot. One bulky appliance I couldn't do without. If I had a bigger kitchen I would own two of these because I use it for all sorts of delicious goodness. Like homemade yogurt. Or chicken stock. Or extremely yummy parmesan tilapia.

4. Wooden spoons. They are so kind to pots and pans. They also double as swords. Or paddles.

5. An Apron. I have a self-imposed rule when I'm working in the kitchen: always wear an apron! Because I am catastrophically messy (my husband can attest). I've stained many a shirt. Besides, I get this fabulous domestic feeling when I wear an apron. :) Mine has tea pots on it.

Canning Tomatoes
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6. My Pampered Chef Stoneware Rimmed Sheet Pan-Thingy. One day I'll buy one of their fabulous pizza stones, but in the meantime, I cook all of our homemade pizza on this square rimmed stone.

7. Ball Canning Jars. *swoon* So pretty and useful! I found a small-ish one at a garage sale this past Saturday for a quarter. How happy. The Pioneer Woman has an entire post on the joys of canning jars. I use mine for homemade yogurt, freezer jam, and chicken stock primarily, since I have yet to actually can something.

8. Ice trays. For freezing things like peaches, whey, herbs, homemade popsicles...

9. A handy-dandy pan scraper. Not only are these perfect for cleaning pans, but I also use mine to scrape flour off the counter after I knead bread and when I shine my sink!

10. This last one is a newbie in my kitchen--a cheesecloth! I have a whole post about this lovely stuff coming tomorrow...

What kitchen tool is attached to your hip? 

To my favorite knife, food processor, and bread basket: Please don't think I've forgotten you! I love you, too.

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  1. I love my Kitchen Aid. I got it three years ago for Christmas. Heart be still. I'm not joking when I say I use it for everything. Need to mash up potatoes? Use the Kitchen Aid. Need to beat eggs? Use the Kitchen Aid. Sometimes I get a little too Kitchen Aid happy. ;)

    Others that top my list: wooden spoons {same reasons as you!}, my cookie scooper {measures out perfectly sized cookies} and my Corning ware baking dishes.

  2. Ah yes, I love corningware, too. And Pyrex baking dishes.

  3. Ooo, this is a fun post idea! Can I do one sometime, too, and give you a shout-out for the idea? I loooooove my Kitchen Aid! My wonderful hubby, all my siblings and parents went together and got me the 600 Pro. I can make 3 loaves of bread in it, I also love to mix meatloaf/meatballs in it b/c then I don't have to get my hands into the cold meat (which makes my hands hurt). It's the only electric mixer I have, so it gets used a lot!

    Hmm, you mention whey and cheesecloth... I'm working my way through Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon and from your comment I'm wondering if you're "along those lines"? (ok, that sounded really lame - I couldn't figure out how to say what I wanted to say!) I'd love to know more about whatever it is you're doing that you have whey and use cheesecloth :P

  4. I love my tea kettle too! It always sits on our oven and gets a workout. It makes my kitchen feel comfortable. When we move, it's one of the first things I like to unpack. I love my stoneware too...you should try cooking chicken on it...so yummy! I came over from Top Ten Tuesday:)

  5. Miriam, I have never read Nourishing Traditions, but have several mom friends who follow it's guidelines. It is on my book list!

    The more I cook/read, the more I am moving towards a more "real food" diet. But we are taking it slowly (trying not to get overwhelmed). Right now my goals in my kitchen are to 1) eliminiate HFCS, 2) eliminate MSG, 3) move from white flour to wheat flour, and 4) Use better fats (butter, olive oil, coconut oil).

    I currently don't soak my grains.

    Does that answer your question? lol

    And wow, ya'll are making me want a Kitchen Aid! :D

  6. I love your list and almost posted my top 10 kitchen must haves this week too! I have a couple of aprons and really must wear them since I am forever getting spots on my shirts. I don't have a Kitchen Aid mixer but did splurge 2 years ago and bought a nice food processor, best thing I've ever purchased! Great post!

  7. The first thing I put on in the morning, after the clothing, is my apron. I have several that I made JUST FOR ME and I love them. So the apron is a must have for me.

    Also, my silicon spatulas, my hand pastry blender, and a few good sharp knives. Hard to choose, though.

  8. I have become a huge fan of canning jars too! They fit so nicely everywhere. I'm hoping to collect enough to store all my dry goods in them.

  9. the things I use all the time would have to be
    1. my paring knife
    2. my skillet (though I have to get a new one soon)
    3. Small pot
    4. my green milk glass mixing bowl
    5. my cutting board

    Ill only list five haha ;)

  10. I don't have #6 or #10 but would like them. Oh and I neeed more canning jars too :)

  11. Yes, every kitchen needs a kettle. :)
    My #1 kitchen item is our rice cooker.

  12. Love your list and that you wear an apron, I mean to do that but it doesn't always happen. There are so many go to items, but I can't live without my Kitchenaid Mixer, I use it so much, I just love it. I have a small kitchen also, and keep it in my pantry when I am not using it, which isn't often.

  13. I love Pampered Chef Stonewear. Have you tried their knives? They're great!

  14. my round PC pizza stone or I'd burn everything :)

    my PC easy clean kitchen brush...just realized I've had it since Si was a baby.ooonly 8 years ago...and really it still looks new


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