Monday, January 24, 2011

Feeding The Fam When Mom Is Away

Today is departure day! I have 153+ things to do before settling Squishy into his car-seat and taking off for the grandparents (his fabulous babysitters for the week while I'm away).

Yesterday I ran to the store twice to make sure I had enough food for 1) my "batchelor" husband while I'm gone, 2) the growing boy staying with his grandparents, and 3) me, while I travel! Gallon of whole milk, check. Trail mix, check. Frozen meals in the freezer, check.

Yesterday, I made Spaghetti for lunch, and then packaged some up into Squishy-sized portions for a few easy dinners while he is at my parent's house.

Here's what the menu will may look like while I'm gone:

Monday: Leftover night (there is Shredded Beef Filling, Buffalo Chicken, and Spaghetti in the fridge)
Tuesday: Frozen Pizza (courtesy of Freschetta, who sent a coupon for a free pizza in my Prep-For-Bliss package!)
Wednesday: Taco Bake from the freezer
Thursday: Chicken and Veggie Stir Fry (the chicken is prepped in the freezer)
Friday: Shrimp Scampi (frozen Marie Callender meal--another free coupon in my package!)
Saturday: Errrm....there is some frozen homemade pizza dough in the freezer too!
Sunday: More leftovers!

Ok, so I'm loosing steam at the end of the week there. When I get back, it will definitely be time for another freezer cooking day. But I think hubby will manage all right (he can cook, too!). There will probably be a guy's night one of those days, including take-out or the grill.

Meanwhile, maybe I'll be eating Tiramisu at the Opryland Hotel...

What do you feed your family when you're away? Please tell me that frozen pizza is sometimes involved....;)

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  1. Your menu looks better than mine for my husband (the kids kinda tag along wherever I go) when I'm away. He eats lots of Hungry Man and Hot Pockets, but I'm sure there is some Wendy's thrown in there too!

    Have a great trip :)

  2. Ummm...ya...I have evening classes 4 nights a week, and my husband has foiled many of those nights for dinner by ordering a pizza. Grrrr...I am working on making sure that the only thing he has to do is pop it in the oven or take it out of the crock pot when he gets home from work. Also, the dinners have to be one dish phenomena, since he rolls his eyes if there is any cooking to be done!

  3. Have a great time.

    Frozen pizza and chicken fingers are involved when I am gone. And of course KD which my teen can make now.

    Stopping by from Organizing Junkie.

  4. It's always a leap of faith meal planning when you're going to be out of town. Half the time my husband ends up giving up and hitting McDonald's [rolling eyes]. LOL!

  5. How nice to have gotten those coupons! Enjoy your week in Tennessee!

  6. I've done the same thing - with menu planning for the fam that is! I have all of Jon and the girls' meals planned out for them. I've also added a list of activities for them to do during the day so that Jon knows what options he has. :)

  7. Have such an awesome time!!!! You deserve it!!!!!!

  8. Hi Alicia,
    Your menu and the Taco Bake from the freezer sound really good. Thank you for sharing and you have a great week!

  9. I had to put together a similar menu last week and will have to again several times before the year is out. I'm glad to see how someone else approaches keeping the family fed and I'm absolutely going to try that taco bake. Have a great trip.

  10. it doesn't really matter what I plan...Daddy indulges his desire for fast food that doesn't happen much when Mom's home :) Grandma does a little better though so the menu usually is frozen chicken nuggets, frozen pizza, black beans and rice, or grilled cheese and tomato soup...and I emphatically request that they eat something that grows from the ground at every meal...which has to be grab and go fruit that's already in the house like mandarins or bananas...otherwise it doesn't happen :)

  11. Alicia, way to plan ahead! I'll admit when I got out of town my husband eats pizza, hot dogs, popcorn, and chips for dinner. I think I've left him a few meal options before and he didn't use them. Maybe now it would be different but I doubt it. Have a great great time!

  12. Hey Sweetheart! The fridge is starting to look empty and I didn't know what was for dinner. So here I am... and the taco bake is still, I'll improvise. You're reader's comments are inspiring me ;) I hope you are having fun. I love you and miss you greatly!

  13. Great getting to meet you tonight. Enjoyed checking out your blog! Good reading! :)


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