Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Peek Inside My 365 Project {Try New Adventures Thursday!}

Hanging to Dry (Feb 23)
Hanging Dry (February 23rd)

When I decided to start a 365 project for this year, I had no idea how fabulous it would be for helping me learn how to use my camera and edit my photos.

Figuring out my camera (outside of the automatic mode!) and trying to learn Photoshop Elements are not simple tasks. I'm eager to learn, but only have so much time to devote to it. So a 365 project is a perfect, manageable goal for me. I take multiple pictures each day, pick the best one, edit it, and upload it to my Flickr set.

Want to take a peek?

I know you couldn't possibly be tired of seeing Squishy's face....

"Reading" (Feb 22)
Reading time on the couch (February 22nd)

Sunday School (Feb 18)
Chalk on Sunday (Feb 18th)

Helping (Jan 23)
Helping (Jan 23rd)

Sisterchicks (Jan 28)
Sisterchicks in part (Jan 28)

Joshua (Feb 17)
A friend at the park (Feb 17th)
I have tough subjects, ya know?

I have done some still see the rest of my 365 Project, check out my Flickr page.

A few helpful tutorials that I've utilized so far:
How to Make Eyes Pop in Photoshop Elements
How to Blur a Background in Photoshop Elements
How to Whiten Teeth (ha!)

My most visited photography blogs to date:
The Pioneer Woman Photography
I Heart Faces
CoffeeShop Blog (she has a very helpful tutorial on downloading actions)

It's Try New Adventures Thursday, so share whatever crazy things you have been up to! The process is simple: Link up your blog post below, link back to Alicia's Homemaking in your post, and then visit the other participants and leave some sweet comments! :D



  1. How much did you pay for photoshop elements?

  2. Around $60-70 with Andrew's %80 student discount. :)

  3. The first two pictures in this post were edited in Picnik, which I use when I am short on time! :D

  4. Girl, you are rockin' that camera!!! I love the pictures of Squishy and the silly one of the Sisterchicks.

  5. Your pictures are great.The clarity and color are wonderful. I upgraded to a Nikon D300 a couple of years ago and I still haven't figured out how to work everything on it!Our grandson is a great subject so I practice taking lots of pictures of him. You have such an adorable subject to work with and I admire you for learning photo shop. It is like Greek to me. I am so Blessed that our daughter has and knows how to use photo shop.


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