Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Of PJs, Blankies, & Sillies

Blankie Antics (Feb 22)

The bedtime routine around here is simple and carefree (for now).

7:45: Diaper change and into cuddly PJs. On the night pictured, a certain small boy escaped diaper-clad and found his blankie (normally reserved only for bedtime). He was ecstatic to be able to run around with it and all sorts of silly antics followed. He has also recently discovered his belly and likes to pat it.

7:50: The teeth are brushed. Daddy's job, normally. A favorite with Squishy. He could brush his teeth all day.

7:55: Cuddles in the rocking chair with his blanket and his momma. A short prayer. Sometimes (if we are lucky), we receive spontaneous kisses.

8 pm: Lights off! Squishy is tucked into his crib, and he tells us goodnight by putting his blanket over his head, pulling it down, and saying "boo!" (his version of peek-a-boo). After we leave the room, he talks himself to sleep, which normally takes 5-15 minutes.

What is the bedtime routine like at your house? One day I'd like to introduce lullabies (maybe a Saturday night tradition?). Growing up, my older god-sister used to sing lullabies to my siblings and I when she would babysit of our favorites was Jennifer's Rabbit. We liked the part about cookies and oolong tea. :D

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  1. Aww! That is so sweet and cute! Susannah does the peek-a-boo thing sometimes, too :) I'm curious about what time Squishy wakes up in the morning? Susannah goes to bed around 8:30 (8pm the last 2 nights, she's just been tired and ready for it by then, so I've been putting her down then!) and wakes up usually around 8/8:30am.

    Our bedtime routine is change diaper/get into pj's, bedtime bottle, brush teeth, then goodnight snuggles and kisses and into the bed she goes. After a few more kisses and I-love-you's, it's lights out and I/we leave. We usually stick our head back in before we shut the door, b/c she looks up one more time ;)

  2. Miriam...WOW...I love Susannah's wake up time. :D Squishy normally wakes up at 7. He does have the occasional morning where he'll sleep in until 7:30-8:30, and those mornings are like gold.

    Oh yes, and I forgot to mention the milk sippy cup...he drinks that after dinner, sometime around 7:30. :D

    That last look is always so sweet! :D

  3. Our routine is similar - diaper change {for H}, pjs for both, brush teeth and then "dance". J is really into dancing, so we set a timer and let her dance for 5-15 mins {depending on how late it is} while we play classical music and then once the timer goes off, it's bedtime. We tuck them in, turn off the light, say prayers, give kisses and say goodnight.

    Oh, and our girls are down between 7:30/8. Rare is the day they sleep past 6 - they've never been one to sleep in. Well, H would sleep in, but since the girls share a room, when J wakes up, H wakes up.

  4. such sweet photos!!
    We are certainly a routine family here! :)

    5:45-showers, teeth brushed
    6:15-bed time reading
    6:30-2 and year olds in bed
    6:30-7:00-nurse 9 month old, 7 year old shower/brush teeth/pj's
    7:00-change 9month old diaper, lay down for bed (he sleeps 11.5-12.5 hours)
    7:15-7:45- work with 7 yearold on hw/reading time
    7:45-8:00-7 year old plays starfall computer while I finish up in kitchen
    8:00- 7 year old in bed
    8:01-time for mama to parrrrrtaaaay! hahaha!
    Hubby doesn't get off work until midnight-1am, five nights a those nights I either work on MOMS Club responsibilities, MOPS reading, 10 Year Reunion Details, MOH Duties, dinner prep, reading, crafts, or reality tv/salacious celebrity gossip updates. ;)
    Nights my hubby has off I'm spending time with him:)
    Mornings:Sometimes I run at 6:30 if baby wakes earlyand nurses (otherwise, major *ouch* factor withmy(o)(o) ). Otherwise, everyone up at 6:45ish.
    I love schedules!!! flexible when I need to be, but have a routine and no guesswork.

  5. **I meant 2 and 3 year old in bed at 6:30**

  6. My kiddos are in the bed by 7:30 almost every night but they are early risers, usually between 6:30 and 7 every morning. They have baths, brush teeth, blow dry Sissy's hair, read Bible story or another bedtime story of their choice, everyone gets hugs and kisses from everyone else and nights out. We have worship services on Tuesday night at 7:30 and don't get home until 9:30-9:45 at night. They are usually asleep but the next day they are so cranky. We try to get an early nap in around 10 am to avoid meltdowns in the afternoon. Any nap later than 10 a.m. will mess up their sleep for the night.

  7. He is so cute! i try to get my 4 and 5 year old in bed by 8pm but we have no routine really before that. i'd really like to start one

  8. Cutie pie!

    After dinner hubby usually play guitar for the girls while I wash the dishes, and if there's time a board game. Showers. Nighttime snack. Brush up. Storytime. Bible. Prayer. Night night. Usually lights out by 8:30, and they're out in about 15 minutes or so. They wake up at around 7:30am (4yo) and 8am (or 8:30am for the almost 2yo). It should be a little earlier but I won't give up our family dinner together and hubby's time with the girls. If we eat without hubby and the girls sleep any earlier, the only time they have with Dad would maybe a story/Bible and prayer.

  9. Our bedtime routine tends to take a little bit longer, because we always seem to end up having a rough-housing episode when we should be settling down for prayers. Not exactly soothing for sleepy time, but at least it's fun for my boys to be silly together.

  10. Love the photo montage!

    Our routine is pretty simple right now:

    5:15-5:20 bath (in tub or sponge off) and necked time on bathroom floor
    5:30-5:35 lotion up and get dressed for bed. This is the complicated part because we use lotion, one cream for inside the diaper, one cream for legs, and one lotion for face-yikes!
    5:40-5:45 swaddle up
    Then, nursing and prayer usually in bed by 6:00-6:10


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