Thursday, September 1, 2011

Staying in Shape During Pregnancy {Try New Adventures Thursday!}

An Ask The Readers edition of Try New Adventures Thursday: 

Pushing a baby out is the hardest (physical) thing I have ever done. Like a crazy intense 2 hour work-out after you haven't slept for over 24 hours and have been in discomfort/pain for at least 18.

Yikes. (Here's the full story, with appropriate pictures to boot)

Day before labor with baby #1
It occurred to me recently that it would really help this time around if I did something to prepare for that sort of labor marathon. *light bulb* I didn't do any sort of working out with pregnancy #1, aside from toward the very end (when I was trying to kick-start labor). This time around, I'm having a lot of lower back pain, which is also motivating me to find a way to strengthen those muscles.

My 1st attempt was swimming. Hello bursitis flare-up in my right shoulder. Plus, it's hard to take a trip to the pool by myself these days. Had to give swimming a rest.

2nd idea: Pregnancy workout DVD by Lindsay Brin. Decent workout, but I'm already bored with it.

So, I'm looking for something to change things up. Any advice previous (or current) pregnant mamas? If it can be done inside (think Florida heat) and doesn't require a gym membership, I'm game.

Oh, and not too many push-ups, ok? Cause my toddler likes to crawl on my back whenever I attempt to do one, which makes for a funny sight. But I'm ok with the excuse...

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  1. What about prenatal yoga? Also, do you live in a mall? You could strap Squishy into the stroller and walk the mall, to help with cardio. Then do light weights and squats to help with maintaining good muscle tone.

  2. I didn't do anything specific to work-out during my pregnancy with Susannah, but I *did* go to the chiropractor faithfully, and the closer I got to my due date, the more frequently I went. (After the 1st trimester I went to him pretty much each time I went to my OB appt.) I can't compare chiropractor vs. no chiropractor, but I had approx. an 8 hr. labor including 30 min. pushing. Chiropractic care is really supposed to cut down labor/delivery time. I'm getting ready to start with this pregnancy, too, b/c I can't imagine a longer labor or pushing time!!

    A couple friends of mine really like prenatal yoga, and if I had the "alone time" I might look into that, too... but I don't and I like the quick, walk in, walk out of the chiro :)

  3. I ran then walked through my pregnancy with Archer. Like Sarah said the mall or any indoor space would be great for walking, if possible. Otherwise maybe do every other day of the pregnancy work out and maybe prenatal yoga (great for strength and stretching).

  4. Thanks, ladies!
    Miriam, you are the upteenth person to recommend the chiropractor to me, so I'm going to make an appointment. I hope it helps!! :D 8 hours of labor would be pretty awesome.
    I may try the mall thing. It's a little bit away, so it would be like an hour ordeal, but that wouldn't be too bad, at least once a week...if I alternated with other things.

  5. Alicia, I hope it benefits you well :) Everyone that I know that goes to the chiropractor through pregnancy has "fast" labors, and then when I hear of people that have the forever long ones I always wonder if it would've gone faster if they had received chiropractic care. You'll have to let us know!

    Also, I was induced with pitocin, but I know many people get that and STILL have really long labors and/or wind up with c-sections b/c labor goes so long.

  6. I know nothing about exercising doing pregnancy. My vote is for minimal exercise because I heard somewhere that baby comes out faster when your muscle are not so strong it doesn't want to "release" the baby. Don't quote me on that, but for both girls from my 1st contraction to the baby's cry was less than 8 hours. I'm pretty sure E was much faster than M. And pushing for each was 15 minutes (6 pushes) and I think 25 minutes. Chasing kiddos was my own workout (I was a preK teacher at the time M was born, and then my own toddler). I know someone who both her babies in 1 push!!! She did minimal exercising too. Anyhow...I gave Sarah this link already, but this mom did a triathlon which she was pregnant, so she should definitely have some tips for ya!

    We started on our homeschool journey/experiment this week, so that's our adventure, but I haven't blogged about it.

  7. I have no helpful suggestions except to say that by the end of my pregnancies, I was using vacuuming, cleaning the bathroom and walking to and from the bathroom as working out. I'd say you're on the right track with everything you've been doing.

  8. No help from me...I walked 15 minutes during my lunch break with my first, but when the 2nd came along, I was barely getting enough sleep, much less working out :)

  9. I think running after a toddler is a workout in itself!!! :) I would suggest walking and stretching.

  10. I gave up most anything except a Denise Austin workout video and walking...however, Jen Batey used to run all the way through her least with Cole she did...not sure about the others. A different friend kept riding her bike until about 6 months pregnant. Another friend of mine whooped me in a 5k while she also pushed her toddler...I was all by myself and not pregnant. So if there are things you were doing already you might be able to continue doing them while pregnant. Something William friendly though would be a supply of toddler music and improv dancing to the music or acting like a dinosaur or whatever the song calls for..occupies him and wears you out :) I can send you some song titles if you want them. Some libraries loan CD's too.

  11. Alicia, I just had my 2nd kiddo 2 months ago--to the day, actually--and this labor/delivery was so much better than the first. (My birth story is posted finally.) I did work out during the 1st pregnancy, but not at all during the 2nd (well, maybe three times). BUT, this time I was chasing a toddler everywhere. And that, honestly, is a pretty good workout.
    For exercise, my suggestion is: don't forget your Kegels, and just keep moving.

  12. Alicia, I don't now how you feel about it, but I thoroughly enjoyed maternity belly dancing. I did it mostly for the benefits it brings during labor pains and also how it stretches and strengthens those ligaments and muscles we will use at that time. It was a blast as well!

  13. I like to walk or bike when I have a nearby errand (including picking up kids from school). Probably the biking will have to be set aside in a few months due to winter weather and my growing belly, but I can always walk. =)


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