Monday, October 3, 2011

Beginning of the Week Planning

Our weekend was full of family time, hosting a tailgating party, sweet friends, Settlers of Catan, and windows open to let it in the glorious Fall air. Living on a college campus brings all the football excitement almost to our doorstep...this time around I took Squishy out for a walk to take in all the sights--tents everywhere, radios, junk food, bright colors, generators hooked up to flat screen tvs. (I'm amazed at the investment people make to support their favorite football team!)


We also did the normal things: washing dishes, cleaning, storytime...but they take on a lovely twist when it's the weekend and we can do them together as a family. And now it's time to welcome a new week!

I kept meals pretty simple last week, and it made a noticeable difference. I'm aiming for the same this week, which is why soup is on the menu twice. Pretty much every dinner meal should take 30 minutes or less to put together. 

Breakfasts: Oatmeal, French Toast, Regular toast with jam, Eggs, Cold Cereal
Lunches: Leftovers, Sandwiches

Monday--Taco Soup (may double this and freeze the extra)
Tuesday--Stuffed Pasta Shells with asparagus
Wednesday--Chicken Stuffing Bake with The Best Broccoli of Your Life
Thursday--Shrimp Gumbo
Friday--Pizza Night
Saturday--Chipotle Chicken with Peppers

Next, weekly goals. Here's how I did last week: 
  • Read 2 chapters of The Mission of Motherhood. Done! I'm plugging through this book, still enjoying it.
  • Exercise 3 times. Yes! Finally, success!!! I'm borrowing a stroller from a friend, and that plus the cooler weather has made going for a brisk walk much more doable.
  • Have a family photo shoot. We did it! It was more challenging than I anticipated with a distracted, wiggly toddler, but we got a couple good shots, one of which will be our Christmas photo.
  • Send care package to friend.
  • Write a letter to Immaculate. Not yet. Top of the list this week!
  • Organize last kitchen cabinet. This keeps getting pushed aside.
  • Marriage goal: Pray daily for my husband. Pretty sure I actually did this every day, which is progress. I want to make this a habit. 
And now for this week:
  • Write Immaculate. 
  • Write a letter to a friend.
  • Exercise 3 times.
  • Read 2 chapters of The Mission of Motherhood
  • Buy potty training supplies (ooooooh!).
  • Resume work on wedding scrapbook.
  • Organize last kitchen cabinet.
We'll see how it goes!

I'm curious....are these menu planning/goal setting posts interesting, helpful, or encouraging to you? I'd appreciate your feedback. :)

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  1. I love the menus and goals you post! They often help me with mine. :) Between you and Pinterest, I usually get my menu planned in time for the week. haha! Sounds like you had a great weekend!

  2. I love reading your menus and goals! And seeing how you've done with last week's goals. Makes me not feel bad when I don't get all of my goals crossed off ;) But I cheer you on!! I was thinking the same thing just now, as I was writing a blog post with my goals... "does this even INTEREST anyone?!" Maybe I'll go back, finish the post and publish it after-all :)

  3. Alicia, these posts are so helpful and encouraging to me!! keep it up! I am inspired to come up with my own weekly goals now that the nausea is letting up! ;) I love getting meal ideas too. So I definitely look forward to each Monday when I get to come on here and see what you're up to :) Thank you for sharing!!

  4. I agree that I love hearing about your goals and planning! You keep it realistic. Though, if you read my goals for the week, it's not very exciting. It'd be something like 1. wake up, 2. drink coffee, 3. nap. That last one being the most important. ;)

  5. Haha, Sarah, those were my goals in trimester #1...except minus the coffee, which made me too sick. I know I'll most likely have to scale my goals down in trimester #3 and then DEFINITELY after baby is born!

    Thanks for all your encouragement....I was having a moment where I wondered if I was boring all of you to death. :)

    Miriam, I'm off to go read your post! :)

  6. love reading your weekly goals!

  7. These posts are inspiring! I know that when I put something out there, I try my hardest to keep myself accountable to it.

    Sarah, those goals are good for anytime! =p

  8. I love reading your goals for the week.It gives me ideas. I especially like the 'praying for your husband." I usually remember to thank God for him but sometimes forget to pray for him. Thanks for the reminder!

  9. I enjoy reading other's meal and goal plans. It encourages me to do the same. :-)


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