Wednesday, November 30, 2011

36 Weeks Down, 4 To Go


Precisely 4 weeks and 1 day from now, I'm due to have our second little boy! Surreal and exciting.

In the typical fashion of a second pregnancy, I have not been as diligent to take those pregnancy profile pictures. But I've included a few in this post to satisfy the masses. :)

This pregnancy has definitely been more challenging for me than pregnancy #1. In general, I'm not one of those women who goes around gushing about how they love being pregnant and miss the pregnancy "glow." I love the end product, and am therefore extremely grateful to be pregnant. But within a few hours of Squishy's birth, I was ecstatic over the fact that I was no longer pregnant and no longer in labor! What a glorious combination!


Here are a few of the characteristics that have stood out during this pregnancy:

Ten Weeks of Morning Sickness. Starting at week 6 of pregnancy until week 16, I was tired, sick to my stomach, and would toss my cookies periodically. Not my favorite time. I'm cumbersome and tired these days, but would never trade it for the 1st trimester!!

Very Early Fetal Movement. I was shocked when I started feeling baby boy kick around 13-14 weeks. Very different from the 1st time around, where I didn't feel anything substantial until around week 20.

2nd Trimester Back Pain. What, what!? This took me by surprise. My back started hurting like crazy shortly into the second the point that by lunchtime I'd be pretty much out of commission. The solution? The chiropractor! So many have sung their praises before, and I'm happy to join the list.

A Better Diet. Since I'm at home now and most of our meals are cooked from scratch, our diet is automatically more healthy than when I was working full time. Back in those days, I got off at 7 pm--starving. It was hard to make the 30 minutes home without getting take-out, especially if I knew nothing was prepped for dinner at home.

Exercise. I've actually exercised with a bit of consistency! As long as you ignore the 1st trimester...and the last two weeks. *ahem* Time to break out the weekly goals, right?

Less Weight Gain. So, the above two factors have had the marvelous result of normal weight gain during this pregnancy!!! The 1st time around, I think I was deceived by the whole "eat for two" philosophy. Now I know exactly how hard it is to lose all that weight post-pregnancy. A good motivator to act right in the eating and exercise department at the present moment.

Funny 3rd Trimester Baby Positions. This baby can't decide where he's the most comfortable. At my last midwife appointment, he was transverse (sideways!). Not so good for labor. I started doing some exercises to get him to move--hilarious sight, by the way--and I think he actually has. We'll find out on Friday.

Varicose Veins. I feel old just typing that. Thankfully, I've avoided them in prominent places...but now I have to wear these fabulous maternity support hose. It's like a circus trying to get them on! But hopefully they'll do their job. :) Did I mention that I'm grateful it's winter? Because in maternity hose I feel like I'm BAKING. Plus, winter means I'm wearing jeans, which cover up my old-lady glory.

Anemia. I've been anemic for the past two months, in spite of taking a hefty iron supplement. Today I'm going to a hematologist to see if we can kick this problem! Some extra energy would be splendid at this point. I wasn't anemic during my 1st pregnancy. Maybe on our frugal budget I'm not eating enough steak? I'm all about reversing that trend, because this pregnant lady can down some steak!

So that's the skinny (...except that I'm anything but skinny at the moment). Baby boy, we can't wait to meet you in one short month!

For the mammas...were your subsequent pregnancies similar to your 1st? Easier? Harder? 



  1. I know what you mean about having a better diet because you're not working. I worked full time nights [12 hour shifts] in CCU at a a local hospital. It was horrible for weight gain.
    :( Hopefully, my next pregnancy will be better-that I'll exercise and eat healthy.

  2. My first pregnancy was textbook until 35 weeks- minor morning sickness on a schedule, woke up first day of second tri feeling fabulous, cankles in 3rd. My second pregnancy was hell from beginning to end. I had exactly 1 week of no nausea. I had yeast infections, UTIs, recurring groin cysts that had to be drained, severe hip pain at the end (3 days of literally not being able to walk). Pregnancy #3 was much like #1, though a little more difficult- 16 weeks of MS and SEVERE, constant 3rd trimester hip pain- the WHOLE trimester. This one, #4, was really bad until about 3 weeks ago- 21 weeks of MS. Feeling MUCH better now.

    I'm with you in the I hate being pregnant world. SO not my thing. My MS nearly incapacitates me and whole house and family fall apart. I'm still digging my way out and repairing relationships with my hubby and kids. Too much TV and too much take out will do that.

    Congrats on making it to the end. Can't wait to "meet" the little bugger. :P

  3. I just had my second baby almost 6 weeks ago and the pregnancy was almost completely different than my first. I had morning sickness this time, and couldn't eat meat for the first 3 months without it making me sick. I had a TON of heart burn the first time, and none this time. Also my skin was extremely dry the first time, and this time I had normal skin.
    I gained almost 60 lbs with my first, and this time I gained only 30 because I was exercising and eating better. I didn't even start gaining until after 22 weeks.
    Both babies were late (first by 9 days, second by 13) and both labours were induced.
    I think the hardest part though is all the weight I have to lose now.
    I hope the last few weeks go really well for you!

  4. I'm 24 weeks along with my second baby and this pregnancy has be quite different so far. I've had morning sickness the entire time and have really been struggling with my weight gain. I only gained 20 lb with my first but I don't think I'm going to make that this time. :) :( I've also been struggling with energy - No energy what so ever. I started feeling this baby move (and my first) around 14 weeks - that was pretty much the same but not much else. I had really hard back labor with my first and praying that I won't have that this time. I injured my tail bone during labor and have been struggling with the pain of that this pregnancy too.

    I hope your final weeks go well and that you are able to get that Anemia figured out. :) Praying for your safe delivery! :)

  5. The my pregnancy with Hannah wasn't too much different than with Julia. It was more "difficult" in that I had more aches and pains sooner. But the morning sickness was exactly the same, had insomnia with both, etc. Now my pregnancy with Joseph was different - I wasn't nearly as sick {YAY!}, but I was a lot more tired and had a lot more aches and pains. Hmmm... My weight gain was pretty much equal with all of them, no matter how well I ate. Shame, shame. ;)

    Keep us updated on your results from today's test!!

  6. This is my 2nd pregnancy, and pretty much everything is exactly the same as the 1st (which is why we wonder if this one is a girl, too - we're not finding out). I'm 27 weeks so far. Morning sickness ( started sooner with this one, but ended alot sooner since I realized it was the prenatal vits. making me sick. Drinking anything w/out eating first resulted in throwing up and that lasted longer this time. Last preg. I had front pubic bone pain, this time it's my sacrum (low back), but getting hubs to press on it when it's really bad and the chiro. help quite a bit :) Insomnia - the same. Cravings might be different - last time didn't have any except MEAT, this time I'll want sweet and salty back-to-back (yes, I'll eat an olive and then a piece of chocolate!). Meat: yes please!! - the same. (BTW, do you eat liver? It's high in iron and I like to eat it anyway, so I esp. enjoy it while I'm pregnant... but I've never had any issues with anemia.)

    Sorry about the varicose veins :( But I'm pretty excited for you being only a month away!! I don't mind being pregnant for the most part, and miss feeling the baby moving when I'm not, but I'm so excited to meet our next baby!!

  7. 4 more weeks!!! You're so cute!

    So far my current pregnancy seems pretty similar to my first. The big differences are before I was pregnant with Archer I was running 4-6 days/week and working part time. I had much more energy than this round and was actually eating better because I had more time to think about it and more energy. I'm showing now (18 weeks) the same as 26/28 weeks with Archer which is scary for what's to come. Hmm I also felt this baby about the same as when I felt Archer 16/17 weeks, which was surprising. Either way it's very exciting to think about the babies coming!

  8. I want to say that they were different, but I think they were pretty much the same. 1st tri was super tiring, but more noticeable with the 2nd because I was chasing an almost 2yo. 1st tri nausea seemed worse only because I was still changing those poopy diapers!!! *gag* Because all my stomach muscles were morphed already from the first time, I carried pretty low with the 2nd. The labor and delivery for both were pretty similar. Woke in the morning with contractions, hospital, prepped, delivered within the half hour after starting to push, although I was in labor longer with the 1st which I hear is the usual. Happy T-4 weeks!

  9. I LOVED being pregnant after trying 4,5 years to actually get pregnant. I missed it so much after my first, that I was pregnant again after four months. So I was very busy, which meant less time to dream around with number two. I had much more backpain with number two, just like you (my number one started walking when number two was one month old...) I remember my husband pushing one point in my back with all his force, to ease the pain. But I still LOVED being pregnant, because I had been at a point where I thought I would not be able to have children. I even loved the morning sickness, because it was a sign of my body that I was pregnant, my big dream. I get emotional writing this...
    YOU LOOK SO GREAT!! Hang in there Alicia, in no time you will have a babyboy in your arms! Love Amelie

  10. Amelie, you are so right! Pregnancy is a HUGE HUGE HUGE blessing. :) Your comment is so sweet.

  11. Many congrats, loved reading your story and look forward to following along!


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