Thursday, March 15, 2012

For When You Can't Have Big Adventures {Try New Adventures Thursday!}

Lately, it's been hard to have lots of new adventures. Not because I'm bored or in a rut. Far from it. More because...

...I'm pushing babies in the stroller to go check the mail, washing sippy-cup valves, cooking, laughing at Edmund trying to find his hand (he holds it in front of his face and it shakes, Parkinson-like, and he goes cross-eyed trying to see it), reading while I breastfeed, coloring pictures for Petercatching friends on the phone when it's quiet enough to talk, filling the sink with oxiclean and stained baby clothes, shaking my head at how the carpet never looks clean, crafting something (anything!) into a musical instrument for Peterand making lots of PB&Js.

A cheery lunch

Life is full of little things right now. With so many naptimes and feedings, I spend more time at home than before. There might not be money in the account for a trip to the mountains, but we can go to a friend's house and play outside. Or read at the library. Or have someone over for dinner.

We have scattered small new adventures of the very best kind. This week it was:

Waking up before the boys. I'm finally getting enough sleep to where this feels possible! Morning time before the little ones get up is precious. It's dark, no one has a need, the cup of coffee seems more special. I eat breakfast, get a shower, read my Bible, or exercise (so far never all four). The last time I was able to do this was in my second trimester/early third I'm appreciating it!

Reading a book out-loud with my husband. This gets me so excited! I have visions of our family all cozy in the living room, reading Dickens or Shakespeare or The Hobbit to each other. Andrew and I did a lot of reading together in the 1st year of our marriage. But then he deployed for a year, and then there were kids, and then there was PA school (it's the big bad killer of any reading other than a textbook or wordy medical powerpoint). But school is nearing its end, and Andrew has decided that we can try again! We've started on The Heavenly Man and have already realized that we both need to work on our "reading out-loud endurance" (our voices get tired!)...

Having our Kenyan neighbor and his son over for dinner and learning a little about his life and culture.

What adventures did you have this week?

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  1. Those little things are little adventures too.

    Hubby and I used to read together too...mostly devotionals, and we once read The Mouse and the Motorcycle together. It was one of his faves as a kid and I had gotten it as a gift from my master teacher when I worked in a classroom working toward a teaching credential.

    "You see that boy, Mommy? He's eating something. I just don't know what he's eating," says Emily.

  2. We took our two-and-a-half week old to church with us, which was a new experience for us. It is the "Punjabi Christian Church" and our little Sam was the focus of many, many Indian ladies awing and owing and pinching his little nose :) He also received gifts of cash, which is their custom. Having him cry in the back row and having to skidaddle to the foyey to feed him - definatly a new experience for us!

    I've heard of "The Heavenly Man," we have it on DVD, but havn't watched it yet.

  3. Your day sounds like mine. Especially the find time to talk on the phone when it is quiet. I never get to make important phone calls because my 2 year old is a screamer. (Just found your blog on MoneySavingMom!). The name of your site caught my eye, lol! Just love these topics to read about.


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