Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Rotation Days...

We are all settled into our month-long home away from home at my parent's house.

Coming home is a funny thing. Surrounded by my family and a large group of friends, everything is so familiar. The flow of get-togethers. The jokes. The movies quoted. The stacks of books sitting on every end table. I'm content with where our little family of four has been living these past two years--I have sweet friends and am not often homesick--and so somehow I forgot just how lovely, quirky, and warm the culture of my hometown circle is.

My parents have put us up in one of the larger rooms in their house, and we're pretty cozy! We seem to have figured out a workable sleeping situation for the boys. During the week I've been making simple meals that can feed the crowd (burritos, soup, pizza, spaghetti, and baked fish were on the menu last week!).

New lodgings
Our room...

I've been cooking in my mom's large kitchen!
Andrew, coming home from a day in the clinic/hospital doing cardiology...
The boys.  Edmund is 3 months old now!
A quiet moment. There aren't many.
Peter cuddled up with Aunt Mariah, watching Veggie Tales on the itouch.
Clover in the backyard
Unfortunately, this clinical rotation means looooong hours for Andrew. He's learning a lot, but the boys and I miss him. I'm looking forward to this coming weekend, when we hope to spend time all together.

In the meantime, Peter is my dad's shadow. "Where's Papa?" and "What's Papa doing?" are his most frequently asked questions. Everything about Papa is cool--his tools, his truck, his tractor, where he's going, and what he's doing. 

Sweet baby Edmund is my little pal. Such an amiable baby....I'm so thankful! He's all smiles and coos these days...rolling over and turning all around on his blanket. Those dark blue eyes light up when he sees me...he has my heartstrings all wrapped up.

Naptime is drawing to a close, so I'd better sign out. Come back tomorrow for Try New Adventures Thursday...I have an announcement about our next chapter in life!!



  1. You can't post stuff like this. This makes me miss home and all of you so much. Love you all! We must all Skype soon so I can say hi to everyone.

  2. Are you just loving your mom's kitchen?!?

    I'm glad this rotation has you back in your hometown and that you are able to really enjoy being with your extended family and friends.


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