Thursday, May 10, 2012

Attitude Adjustments {Try New Adventures Thursday!}

At first I thought I'd tell you about my flower gardening escapades today. But lately, I have precious little blogging time, and I'd rather tell you a small bit of what's been on my heart.

Spending a lot of time with my boys this month....telling you all about it on the blog this morning (post currently in the works!).

My husband has an out-of-town rotation this month. For various reasons, the boys and I could not accompany him, so we're at home. Andrew comes home on the weekends. During the week, it's just me and the boys. We're almost two weeks into the rotation...and whew! What a ride.

The first Sunday Andrew left, I knew I was in for a challenge. We had just moved (translation: I couldn't find things, since half of our stuff was still in boxes). For the 1st time in a looooong time, I had broken out with eczema on my hands and it hurt to touch basically anything. Peter was sick with a case of the runs and he threw up all over the floor shortly before Andrew left.

Oh boy. Let's just say I was not very excited to see my husband drive away for the week.

Sick days

A couple mornings in to that first arduous week, Peter woke up still sick and super whiny. He didn't want anything to eat and just kept asking to watch Elmo. I set him up to watch his favorite furry friend and sat down at the kitchen table with some very strong coffee. Between the two boys, I had been up 4 times during the night. It was only just breakfast-time, and it felt like the day was already spinning out of control (a slightly dramatic point of view...yes. But that's where I was at!).

I did not want to have a good attitude. I wanted to go back to bed and not change another poopy diaper. Heck, doesn't waking up 4 times in the middle of the night and not having any reinforcements qualify a momma for a bit of self-pity?!

I told God about it in an "Ok. Here's-the-day-and-how-am-I-going-to-get-through-it" manner.

Almost right away, He reminded me that He had given me the day exactly as it was. The sick little boy. The sleep-deprived brain function. The out-of-town husband. The body fluids. 

And if this is what He had given me, then He would provide the get 'er done (with a good attitude) ability.

We know that, right? How many times have you heard that if God gives you something difficult, He will give you the strength to handle it?

But PJ-clad with unwashed face and Elmo too-cheerful in the background, it rooted in my heart. And my day changed from: me, bemoaning the loss of my preferred day, to God, showing me His greatness in the present situation.

That's not to say that I've had the perfect perspective ever since that moment. Last night I went to bed grumpy and wanting to cry after finally getting both boys to bed shortly before 10 pm. But I'm wanting to remember. This is what God has given me today. It's not a dire situation (and I can think of plenty worse), but it's too big for me to handle.

God, however, is gloriously strong to meet the challenge.

This motherhood gig is schooling me, ya'll! Link up your adventures below. I look forward to reading about them. :) Don't forget to link back to Alicia's Homemaking, and it's always cool to leave some encouraging comments on other people's posts. Our twitter hashtag is #TryNewAdventures.



  1. Wow, I so needed to hear this today! My days are not filled with little ones(they are teens now)but I have felt the same about a stressful situation the past few days! Thank you for sharing!
    Blessings on your day!

  2. My husband IS home (or, at least not away for an entire week at a time) and I have also had similar attitude problems. Thanks for the post and the reminders!!! Even though I have had plenty of "I DON'T WANT TO..." moments lately (my in-heart version of a full-blown tantrum with kicking and screaming), I would not give up my role as mama to these two precious girls for anything!! I just need to run to the One who has the strength and patience for the long days.

    1. So true! I am so so so so thankful for my boys!

      And can I just say, this makes me especially appreciative of how helpful my husband makes such a DIFFERENCE!

  3. My heart goes out to you. I have been in similar situations with my husband gone more times than I can count. Somehow, God always gives us the strength to survive. On those days that it is difficult to get motivated to get dressed and care for the kids, I have tried to remember that the only important thing to do is to care for my children. The mess, and everything else can wait. My kids are all school age now, and that makes it easier when Dad is away, but it's still a challenge and I am grateful for a loving God to gain strength from.

  4. You will have to read my post because this is exactly the type of day/week that the speaker was referring to when she talked about being made for mothermood. In the midst of it, the trying times seem to last forever, but they don't. I totally know the feeling that there is no end in sight, but thank goodness the husband comes back and we regain our sanity for awhile. :p Hang in there, mama, you were made for this. Sometime we just need a moment to breathe, change our attitude...kind of a pep talk to myself here, right? :p We mamas need that. Have you gotten Lisa-Jo's Cheerleader for the Tired Mom ebook? I need to read that today too. *hugs*

    1. *motherhood....I don't know what mothermood is, or maybe I do ;) hehe

    2. Haha, me too!

      Haven't read her ebook...need to read that...and your post! Thanks for the encouragement, Joyce.

  5. Why would God do that to you? Would you do something like that to someone you love??? That is just life. God doesn't do things to us to teach us. He gave us His word. He expects us to study and learn it. Our knowledge comes from His word, not our experiences. He loves you and wants the best for you as He does all that are in His body. Life happens and this happens to saved and unsaved alike. We live in a sin cursed world and He tells us we will have problems but we have His comforting word in good and bad times to study and understand and when the bad things in life happens we don't say why did God do this to me but God this is happening but your word says ...... and we know that He is there. Bad things happen to all but we as members of His body know that we are His no matter what!

    1. Ah, I should clarify.

      I'm not saying that God made my son sick or made me break out in eczema. Many bad things definitely happen as a result of sin/a sin sick world.

      However, I DO believe that He is in utter control of those circumstances...He could change them if He saw fit. AND, I believe He redeems the circumstances and works through them. He is teaching me through the hard times! So even the hard times are a gift.

  6. I've been learning that although I can't control others reactions to situations, I can control my own. I think God uses toddlerhood to help teach us patience and to rely on Him to get us through those difficult days. Having a positive attitude helps us get through those really tough days. I hope your week is going much better.

  7. A great reminder. Thank you for this post! I can commiserate with the sleepless nights and husband not around and this was wonderful to read as I have made it my personal goal to stop complaining and wallowing in self pity recently. I have been whining to God a lot lately. Thanks for the new perspective.


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