Thursday, May 31, 2012

Our Cloth Diapering System {Try New Adventures Thursday!}

I pulled the cloth diapers out of storage boxes a couple weeks ago. When Peter was tiny, I used cloth diapers, but then we moved to our small, washer/dryer-less apartment and changed the cloth out for Huggies and Pampers. Now that we have a washer and dryer again, I'm happy to switch back and not shell out money for disposables!!

Back to cloth diapering today! 1st time in 2 years. Is there anything softer than a new cloth diaper?

Using cloth diapers will save us HUNDREDS of dollars a year! Who-hoo! Plus, they're cute. 

Here's our new little cloth diapering system...

cloth diaper stash

Right now I have a total of 18 diapers, and I do a load of diapers every other day.

The diapers I use:

FB onesize
 One Size Fuzzi Bunz Cloth Diaper. This is my favorite! It fits trimly and is adjustable so that it can fit your child all the way through potty training (supposedly!). It has adjustable elastic around the legs and the waist. These diapers are super soft and fluffy, and I find that they dry easily (I put the inserts in the dryer and hang dry the cover). And I haven't had any leak problems. 

FuziBunz, size small
 FuzziBunz Cloth Diaper, Size Small. These also work very well. Mine seem to be leaking a little, however. I used these diapers with Peter and also loaned them to a friend for a period of time, so maybe they have some detergent residue. Fixable, I hope.

BG onesize
bumGenius One-Size Cloth Diaper. I use this diaper with a doubler (an small insert for extra absorbancy) on Edmund overnight. Since he's still pretty little (15 lbs), this diaper is bulky on him. But it works great at night! And once Edmund is bigger, the diaper won't be as massive on him, since it will be unsnapped to a larger setting.

BumGenious, Size Small
bumGenius All-In-One Size Small. This is an "all in one" don't have to worry about putting in an insert. It's just like a disposable, only washable. These diapers fit very well and aren't bulky. However, since the insert is sewn in, they don't dry as quickly as my other diapers. I actually prefer pocket diapers (all of the others are pocket diapers) for that reason. I bought these diapers when Peter was little, and I don't think BumGenius sells them anymore (they switched to all one-size diapers).

Next up, the wipes. I'm using cloth wipes for the 1st time, because it just seems to make sense. The used wipes and diaper can all go in the diaper pail together. For wipes, I'm using some Circo washcloths and a flannel baby blanket, cut up into squares. To moisten the wipes, I use a peribottle filled with water. Sometimes I add a few drops of baby soap and baby oil to the bottle, other times I don't. Works like a charm!

Cloth Wipes, solution, and diaper rash cream

Since you can't use regular diaper rash cream when you're using cloth diapers, I've started using Angel Baby Bottom Balm whenever Edmund has the beginnings of a rash. It's safe for cloth diapers and can actually be used for a multitude of things...scrapes, bites, etc.

So, that's it! I also have a wet bag that goes in my baby bag to put dirty diapers in while we are out and about and a liner that goes in my diaper pail. The liner is great, because then I can dump the entire bag of dirty diapers into the wash (liner included!) and not have to touch any dirty diapers.

Yes, there is more laundry to do now. But that's honestly not a ton of work. I prefer doing the laundry over making multiple trips to the store to buy diapers!

What do you think? Have you cloth diapered your babies?

It's Thursday, so link up your adventures below!!! You know how it works. :)

P.S. The diaper links in this post are amazon affiliate links. I used amazon to order most of my supplies, including the Ruby Moon Cloth Diaper Detergent that I use.


  1. This is so great! We are planning on cloth diapering the new baby (can't believe we haven't done it with the first two)! Which is your fav? The FuzziBunz? Also, which detergent do you use to wash them? :)

    1. Hey Karen!
      My favorite is definitely the FuzziBunz onesize diaper. :)

      I use Ruby Moon Cloth Diaper detergent (it just came in the mail!). In the past I have used both All Free and Clear and Wind Fresh (from Sam's club), but both of those have an optical brightener which can be bad for cloth diapers in the long run, so I'm switching.

    2. I've never heard of Ruby Moon Cloth Diaper det. so now I'm curious! I've always used Dreft ("the" baby detergent, and what my mom used) but am open to other suggestions for diapers.

  2. Yep, I'll definitely be a cloth diaperer (word?). Especially if it means my kid will look as cute as that little booger.

  3. I've done cloth with all three kids. And I love it. So, that says something about cloth diapering - nearly five years in and I still like it. ;)

    We have a large stash, since I do prefolds. I can go two, sometimes three, days before having to do laundry. Though, by that third day, things do get a bit smelly so I try keeping it to two.

  4. We've cloth diapered both girls since birth. They are both in diapers still. We love it! I am so glad you were able to get back into it!

  5. I am so impressed with you, Alicia. You are an awesome mom and wife. When we have kids, can you move to California so you can help me? :-)

    1. She should move to California regardless. :p

  6. I love cloth diapering! We have 2 in diapers. My favorite are pocket diapers too! The one sized diapers seem a little bit for my newborns.

  7. I just pulled out our cloth diapers the other week, too! Our youngest (3 mo.) had an on-going diaper rash that just would never completely clear up. Not knowing what was causing it, I stopped EVERYTHIING (disposable diapers, wipes and all creams) and started her in cloth with cloth wipes (just water). In 24 hrs. the rash was gone! I now suspect that the rash was from the Desitin. I'm glad I pulled out the cloth, though, because it helped me remember how easy they are to use. I also use FuzziBunz and love, love, LOVE them! I have 12 that I bought from an acquaintance and I'm noticing that some of them are leaking, too, so I think I will "strip" them one of these days and see if that helps. I also just ordered another 6 diapers since with 12 I have to do a load every day. I can do a load last thing at night and go the next day w/out doing a load, but then I have to do a load right away the following day. Even though they are easy and another load of laundry isn't a HUGE deal, I'll enjoy just doing a load every other day. :)

    I'm also interested in the diaper cream you use since I've never heard of that either. I bought a tube of California Baby cream that someone recommended, but the one time I put that on her when she had a tiny bit of a rash (dirty diaper I discovered too late) she acted like it burned. So I'm looking for another cloth diaper safe cream that gets good reviews. :)

  8. My sister does cloth diapers and swears by them. Cheaper, better for the enviroment . . . what could go wrong?

  9. We love it. Especially since I am getting to reuse them on our second which ups the savings factor! Fuzzi Bunz are our favorites with little ones but that changes to Bum Genius, Rumparooz and Green Mountain Prefolds when older.

  10. I am a part time cloth diaper mum. We too live in a washerless and dryerless apartment, but I'm thankful for our balcony. I priced how many cloth diapers I'd have to wash each time in order not to spend more than I would on disposables. I told my husband for the next apartment we rent, we will have a washer and dryer in the apartment. Have you tried stripping the small Fuzzibunz? I'd try that, especially since they've been used by someone else.

  11. I wish they had these when my kids were babies. I would have definitely used them.

  12. I do the exact thing for my wipes, Circo washclothes with a peribottle! Works great! I do have some wipes made out of flannel but I don't like them as much, when I squirt water on them it seems to run off where as with the washclothes it absorbs.

  13. I have cloth diapered two kids over 2 1/2 years now and am still glad we made the decision to do it that way, so I agree with the other Sarah... that means something if you can still say you like it after a long time. We use prefolds with Thirsties diaper covers and love them! Our first batch is getting a little beat up by now (after 30 months of nonstop use!) but continue to be wearable. I'd love to have tried pocket diapers but went with what seemed to be the most affordable option. We have a big stash and a large wetbag that holds in any smell, so I only wash every three days now or so, now that my youngest is 1! When she was tiny we washed every other day or so, since older sister was still full time in diapers too! Way to go on the cloth diaper adventure!

  14. I "stole" your wipes idea! I had saved a peribottle, thinking it would come in handy, had an extra wipes box, and lots of old thin washcloths, so I was up and running in about 5 minutes after reading your post! Thank you!


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