Monday, October 29, 2012

Family Life and....Adjustments.

3 pm and the house is hushed...the glory of naptime. Andrew just woke up from his post night-shift 5 hour nap. It's only just cool enough outside to open the windows--my favorite time of year! At the end of October fall is finally peeking its head around the corner. I sip my coffee and relish the crisp air...and the quiet.

There aren't many still moments lately, and sometimes it leaves me reeling. The last several months were a big momma-of-two adjustment period for me. Edmund started eating solids, crawling, and pulling up, and Andrew started his new job. Life is not the same (better now, but different), and I was still clinging to some of the old spaces of time that don't exist anymore.

Dying to sleep, but this little guy thinks it's party time. ;)

But something has settled in the last month, and I feel so happy and content in my job as mom. I'm happy in the busyness...and content to let it be busy. It is such a pleasure to be able to focus on my family and others.

In general our family has been switching gears: from a break-neck grad school lifestyle to one that involves a job, a house, and life with two boys on the move. I'd be lying if I said the transition has been all smooth sailing (for various reasons), but it is glorious to be done with grad school. We see Andrew so much more, and the burden of constant deadlines and tests has been lifted off of his shoulders. He tries to fix a bike in the garage, makes Peter a tire swing, reads for pleasure.


Peter will be three at the end of November. THREE! We had a rough patch with him a couple of months ago when Edmund started crawling...Peter was so excited because it was like having a new toy in the house. And what do you do with a new toy? Experiment with it to see what happens!

What happens when you hit him on the head?
When you step on his toes?
When you pull him around by one limb?

Peter's intent was not malicious, but regardless, we had to go into "you-absolutely-cannot-hurt-your-brother" bootcamp. After about a month and a half of repeated admonishment, it finally seemed to click. His approach (to much of life) is still rough-and-tumble, but he's not intentionally hurting his little brother often anymore. {breath of relief!}


It's incredibly sweet and rewarding to see the little ways that Peter's maturing...and to be able to interact with him in new ways. He sits enraptured and asks us to read books again and again. He tells us what he and Edmund are going to do when Edmund "gets bigger." He plays imaginary games with his trucks and uses this hilarious "big man" voice when he does so.


And Edmund? At 10 months old I am constantly catching myself going, "You're old enough to do that?" When did you get old enough to wave bye-bye, want to feed yourself, play chase, and stand on your tippy-toes to reach something?

Lately, Edmund cracks us up when he tries to wave because he invariably hits himself in the face. And then there are his table manners. What a voracious eater! The kid can put away a serving as large as Peter's and in half the time! He thinks baths are great fun...a tub filled with water can cheer him up even if he's tired and cranky.

The boy is tall and skinny (even for all his eating!), and I love to snuggle his little self close to me. He's still so small and I know it doesn't last. Edmund's not overly keen on snuggling (too busy!), but he will laugh and play with me at the slightest provocation. He's a bit shy around new people, but warms up. Edmund is much more of a "mama's boy" than Peter was at his age.

So...that's a peak into how our family is doing. These are such sweet days, and I don't want to forget them.

One of the big things I miss about blogging regularly is interacting with all of you in the comments. Leave me one and tell me what your family has been up to lately. :)

P.S. The winner of the cookbook giveaway is comment #11--Audrey!


  1. I totally understand the rough patch of transitioning you went through! My kids are 24 months and 4 months. I went through a VERY low period - jealous 2 year old, a sweet newborn I had very limitless time to give to, packing our house to move halfway across the country, new job for my husband who now travels a couple of days each week, and almost NO support system. We took several necessary steps to get me back to a good place, as I was in a spot where I wasn't enjoying my role as mom at all. But we have adjusted and everything is great! Answered prayers for sure! The days are long but the years fly by...

    1. I'm so glad things are easier now. Sounds like so much all at once.
      Do you have more of a support system now? That makes such a world of difference!
      Love, Alicia

  2. We recently spoke and I told you about the rough patches. We had to move out if conversation mode before I thought of telling you about the fun patches! We are really enjoying homeschooling. I think even Taylor enjoys the structure and has become an avid artist. She loves to paint, cut, and glue while I work with Kylie. Teaching Kylie to read has been such a sweet treasure. It is an amazing experience to watch them figure it all out. As the weather is changing and the holidays near, I can't ignore how the richness of life increases with each year.

    1. Aw, how great! Makes me excited for homeschooling...which sometimes seems daunting, even though I watched my mom do it. :) It will be a fun adventure.

  3. Your life sounds like it HAS been a bit busy! LOL, I told Daniel the other evening that while I would like to have a boy, I'm glad we have 2 girls b/c "I don't know boys!" Sounds like you're doing a great job with yours. :) Our summer has been crazy, too. Sylvia was born in March, and just about the time I felt like things were "normal" again, drywall went up in the addition and then I was painting every possible moment for what felt like weeks. Once I hit the stopping point (for now, more will need done later), it was a HUGE relief. Now, again, I am feeling like life is returning to normal. Love your update!! I miss you in bloggy-land, too.

    1. Haha, I felt the same way when I found out I was pregnant with Peter! I told Andrew when we were laying in bed one night: "What if he stops talking to me when he's a teenager!" Hahaha. He said, "We'll cross those bridges if we get to them, hun." Silly me. Boys are way more fun than I thought possible!
      Wow, house stuff can be so time consuming. Glad you're getting back to normal now...must stop by your blog and catch up!

  4. I LOVE the picture of the two boys with the stroller....precious. Can't wait to see all of this in action!!! ♥ you, SO very much.

    1. Haha, there will be lots of "action," that's for sure!

  5. Thanks for the update. We've been trying to figure out this new "normal" of having a Kindergartener with her own activities and her own friends. :) We're also trying to figure out what our priorities are and what we should/need to say 'yes' to.

  6. stopped by to check in. haven't "heard" from you in a while. :)

  7. Alicia, I wish I'd found this earlier, because I think I could have been an encourager for you. My husband was in school for NINE years when we first married. He was a college sophomore when we married in 1966 and finished his Ph.D. in 1974. I quit work after the first two years to start our family, and we, like you, had two sons. We are WAY past that now, finished school with only $250 in debt (thanks be to God), and enjoyed 23 years of Christian school ministry. Lots has occurred in the interim--two well-educated young men, two grandsons, a wonderful career in politics for me. Bottom line x 2: God is good, there's lots of life after school! I don't know how to publish anything on a blog,but thing "anonymous" will work.


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