Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Difference A Line Can Make

cheap test & expensive test say positive
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...and just like that, everything changes.

That's right!

Come November, our little family will expand to FIVE!!!

We are overjoyed. Andrew and I had been talking about baby #3 for several months, and then after I weaned Edmund, we got pregnant very quickly. Incredibly exciting and also mind-blowing.

8 weeks (april 2nd)
8 weeks along
I would love to document this pregnancy every few weeks on this blog, but you all know my shamelessly bad blogging record of late (and morning sickness doesn't help). So I'm going to give it a shot, and we'll see how it goes.

Up until now, this is how life has been going pregnancy-wise:

5 weeks: This is when we found out I was pregnant. 5 weeks is the latest we have ever found out...I typically suspect that I'm pregnant before I even miss my period due to the super freaky sense of smell I acquire when I'm expecting. In a funny turn of events, the week before I tested positive a friend gave me 3 pregnancy tests (after I told her we were hoping to get pregnant soon). I kept telling her I didn't think I was pregnant yet! Then a few days later I realized I was late and used up all three tests--with positive results!

At this point, the only symptom I had was frequent exhaustion. I had been marveling to myself..."Is this just how tired you are when you have little kids? I am so tired!" It was almost comforting to know that I was, in fact, growing another little human, and it wasn't just my two little boys completely zapping my energy.

Not that they are totally guiltless or anything...

6 weeks: This week I was really focused on trying to stock my freezer as much as possible. It was difficult to do while being super tired and with the boys underfoot, but I made some progress. No huge pregnancy symptoms this week except for exhaustion and the first hints of nausea. It's crazy to be suddenly aware that you are caring for not two, but three little people.

7 weeks: This week I was fighting off a cold, so I was pretty wiped out. The nausea was more consistent--popping up anytime I went any length of time without eating. But it was totally manageable...eating solved the problem! I am trying to make sure I get a protein-packed breakfast to help me get a good start each day.

I sure missed my boys! Happy to be home, even though the housework is taking over! Which is why I'm laying on the couch, of course. ;)
Notice how many of my Instagrams now involve me being on the couch.
8 weeks: Now I feel confirmation of being pregnant constantly throughout the day, whether it's my strong sense of smell (which makes me want to avoid the kitchen altogether), need of a nap, irrational emotions, or hard-to-manage nausea. The morning sickness has stepped it up a notch, and I'm finding it difficult to keep my stomach full, especially since the list of appealing foods is shrinking rapidly. I am still force-feeding myself eggs in the morning, which really does help. 

Excited to try these fresh, pastured eggs from a friend of a friend!

On the up side, I hit the 9 week mark today! And our sweet littlest one is almost an inch and a half long with a beating heart...and growing like a weed. My 1st doctor's appointment is on Friday. So excited.

In this first trimester I am focusing on: 
--Drinking enough water!
--Eating as healthy as I possibly can and as often as I can. So far this is going really well (as long as you don't count our Carrabba's date last night!).
--Exercising when possible.
--Napping every day when the boys nap.
--Saying "no" to certain events/obligations in order to do some of the above.
--Being thankful and taking morning sickness one moment at a time.

Want to know a special highlight of this pregnancy? My 2 best friends are pregnant at the same time! One of them is due only 2 days before me! We are texting each frequently with "Have you eaten your eggs today?" "How are you feeling today?" and the like. SO much fun.

Ok, I'll stop talking your ears off. Love to you. I'm happy to finally get a blog post up!



  1. You're back! Congratulations on #3!

  2. Yay! I'm so excited for you! And happy to have a post from you again :-)

  3. Congratulations!! Three is such a fun number!

  4. Congratulations to you and your family. What an exciting time!

  5. Okay, nosy question from a first-time mom. Feel free to delete, if you like. Is that actually a baby bump at 8 weeks in your picture? I'm definitely chubbier than you, so maybe my bump is just hiding. But I'm 13 weeks and there's nothing photographable yet. The only bump I have is the spare tire I was carrying around for months before pregnancy. No fun in taking weekly pictures of that!

    And another question--HOW do you get the eggs down? I don't have morning sickness, just lots of aversions. I love eggs normally but right now they are more than I can take. So is most meat, so I don't know what to eat for protein when I'm already tired of cheese and yogurt. And beans are out of the question, too.

    Thanks, Alicia, and congratulations! I love that you are so excited for number 3 when many people seem to think that two are more than enough for anyone. Our God LOVES children, and it's good to find people who agree with Him.

    1. Hi Mama Murrey!
      Well, I think it's a leeeeeeettle bit of a baby bump. I have a little bit of the "spare tire" effect going on...never lost all the weight I hoped to (believe it or not from the picture, but I am a good 25 lbs heavier than my pre-kids weight!). But now it's like I can't suck my stomach in anymore. My pants are definitely getting tighter. By 13 weeks with #2 I was already in maternity clothes. Not there yet with this pregnancy.

      The eggs. I don't have an AVERSION to them per-say...I just feel sick to my stomach in the morning and they really don't look appealing. But I KNOW it will help me feel better, and so far I've been able to get them down. I try not to think about it, just to do it! I know what you mean about getting tired of things. ((((hugs)))) Keep pushing through, mama!

      Congrats on your little one. :)

    2. Thanks, Alicia, you're so kind. It's hard to be patient till there's actually something to strut. : )

      It would be fun to see you with a little girl, though I'm sure you'd do a great job with a third little boy.

    3. Just chiming in as a mom of three. With each baby you "pop" a little earlier. It's like your stomach muscles just know what is happening and give a little earlier. With my third I was practically showing the minute I peed on the stick ;)

  6. Congratulations!!! Excited with you about your new blessing from the Lord!

  7. YAY!!!! SO happy for you and your family! You and your husband are such a godly, postive couple. I can only imagine how happy it makes God to bless you with another child! :)

  8. Congratualtions!! So happy for your family.

  9. I am so happy for you. I love reading your blog and look forward to your posts. Continue to rest as often as you can.


  10. This is totally belated, but CONGRATS!! I saw it the day you posted, and on IG, but I am so behind on my blog replying. :p

  11. Just wanted to say I miss reading your blog. You inspired me to want to live a simpler life and to be a better mom to my 3 boys.

    Wishing you the best :)

  12. I miss reading your blog, and staying up to date with your adorable little family! I hope you post an update when you get time soon!


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