Thursday, October 29, 2009

A New Blogging Adventure


I have been contemplating starting a blog for some time now, and have finally taken the plunge. Now that I have cut back to working only one 12 hour shift a week, I am finally able to devote myself to homemaking much more than before--and I love it!!! I have had a chance to establish a cleaning schedule, weekly menus, organize in preparation for Squishy's arrival, experiment with cooking new dishes, and open up our home to others much more. As a result, Andrew has had more time to focus on his classes, in-between working at the hospital and with the military. This has been such a wonderful transition...with more to come once our little one is born!

I hope to use this blog to post about some of my homemaking endevers, including new recipes, couponing finds, and budgeting goals. I'll include personal updates on our family as well. :)

With my new beginning in blogging, I want to be careful not to get distracted from important things in an effort to document everything. :) I'm asking God to help me stay balanced.



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  1. Hooray! I am so glad you started a blog. :-) I look forward to keeping up with you and learning from you. Oh how I miss you!


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