Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cooking Day #2 Results

Yesterday was also a productive cooking day...didn't do as much as I planned, but I had unexpected visitors and phone calls, so it was all ok. Pictured above are my results...the chicken pot pie soup, "awesome" stew, and a batch of Mommy's Cookies. Also pictured is my method for freezing the cookie dough...when it is wrapped in a log like that, all I have to do is pop the log out of the freezer, cut it into slices, and place them on a cookie pan!

It's has been busy and I don't feel like I've been balancing it too well. William is six weeks old and I had my six week postpartum appointment today, so that was good.



  1. Do you guys have an extra freezer or do you use the one on top of the frig? I've had a small chest freezer in the past and MISS it so much. My kids are strictly AGAINST getting another one. Perhaps one day...then I can prepare things ahead of time so they can be easily made!Good work! Oh, I remember your mama's cookies from long ago! You guys used to make them for after Life Group! Yum!

  2. No, we just have the freezer on top of our fridge, so I have to be diligent with using things up! Maybe eventually we will get a chest freezer (how much electricity do they use?), but for now, I'm just sticking with what I have.

  3. Hi Alicia! Thanks for linking up :) That's a great idea about the cookie dough; I will have to try that one myself!
    Congratulations on your little guy! I'm sure you'll be glad you have some meals in the freezer :)
    About balancing it all--I just want to encourage you to try not to right now. :) Enjoy your time with William. Almost overnight, they lose that baby "tiny-ness" and you can work on the balance a bit more then. See you soon! Blessings, Cheryl


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