Friday, January 15, 2010

Why Blog?

This is a question my dear friend Audrey (soon to have a blog herself) posed to me the other day. What is my motivation behind blogging?

With the birth of our son in late November, my life has changed from working full time as a nurse to staying at home full time...taking care of baby, keeping house, making dinner. I love the change. Being a SAHM is something I have wanted to do as long as I can remember.

With this comes lots of challenges! How to balance my time, cooking more often, meeting our grocery budget of $200/month, etc. I am very excited about learning to glorify God by being the best housewife I can be! How do I best serve Him in this role?

I have lots of learning to do.

One area my husband and I both want to work on is hospitality. We want to open our home up to have it be a safe place where they can come, feel comfortable, get rest, and hopefully find Jesus wherever they turn. Hospitality almost always involves food (or at least I think it should!!), which brings me to my next topic....

I know how to cook moderately well, but I want to explore cooking new dishes, freezer cooking, menu planning, and even embark on a canning adventure this year.

Saving money: Last year I started using coupons for the first time and was amazed at how much money I was able to save, and how much food we had in our house! I would like to expand here by learning how to stock up more efficiently and also shopping at different stores (right now, I primarily coupon at Publix).

Keeping house...! I love an orderly, comfortable home that smells good when you walk in the door! A place where you feel free to relax...where you don't have to worry about knocking over something expensive or freaking out the hostess because you spilled something on her carpet! At the same time, a home where you can spread out on the couch because it's NOT covered with laundry! Not an impeccable house, but a cozy home. That's what I'm going for here.

So, that's a start! I hope to keep all of the above in the context of loving Jesus, my family, and other people.

This is where I will document some of my learning process, learn lots of tips from the blogging community, and also share some of my own discoveries with you. :)

Here we go!

Love, Alicia

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  1. Alicia: I just discovered your site an am excited by what I'm reading. It is both heart-warming and encouraging. You are a light in this crazy world. I look forward to reading more, sharing in this adventure with you, and passing along your site to other young women. Love you.


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