Thursday, January 28, 2010

I'm Booking It--My Plan

I am joining FishMama and "Booking It in 2010." Did any of you participate in Pizza Hut's "Book It" program growing up? This is bringing back memories of those coveted pan pizzas that we would receive as our reward for reading our required amount of books. :)

I love to read. In 5th grade, I gave a speech about reading (haha, what a nerd!). As an adult, I read for enjoyment and education--so that I will be an interesting person! My dad says sitting down with a good book is like sitting down with a wise person...something our generation has not been taught to value much. But in reality, the wisdom of these people can save us years of heartache...the heartache we would experience by learning everything the hard way.

One day, I would love to have a library in my home. Books are the one things that I love to buy. The public library is great, but I can't write in library books! I like to underline words I don't know, look them up, and then write out the definition in my book.

And I delight in old books. *sigh*

This is why the last time I moved, I had NINE large boxes of books. Yikes.

My reading goal for this year is to read a book every 2-3 weeks. That's anywhere from 17-26 books a year. This month, I am reading "The Vaccine Book" by Dr. Sears and "Desolation Island" by Patrick O'Brian. And I'm eagerly waiting for "Home" by Marilynn Richardson to arrive in the mail!

I'll keep you posted on how I'm doing with my reading. For now I have to run and go change a dirty diaper...



  1. Visiting from Life as Mom...and oh YES! I did the Book It program at Pizza Hut and this totally reminded me of that. I wore my pin proudly, got my stickers, and enjoyed that personal pan pizza! :-) Love the quote from your dad - he sounds like a wise man. Blessings!

  2. Oh, I love this post because it sounds just like me. I can't eat Pizza Hut pizza anymore because I think I ate too much as a kid. I got grounded often from reading...I too want a library of my very own someday, and when we moved the movers kept asking, "how many more books???" :) Glad to know someone else shares the same love for reading! Happy Reading to you!

  3. I also love old books, as does my husband (and dad, mom and sister - it's a family thing!) We're passing along our love of reading to our daughters. One of our favorite activities when on a trip out of town is to locate one or two used bookstores in the city we're visiting and spend an hour or more looking for older books to add to our collection.

    It's my first visit to your blog - it's lovely!

  4. We STILL do the Pizza Hut program with our homeschool! ;)


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