Tuesday, February 23, 2010


So...I have been really wanting a cast iron skillet, and tonight when I went to my friend's house for dinner, she gave me one! Someone had just bought her a new one, so she passed her other one on to me. Not only that, but it's "Cast by Calphalon" and Calphalon is my favorite brand of pots and pans. :)

Yay, how happy. Cornbread, here we come.



  1. I loooove cornbread made in a castiron skillet!

  2. Miriam, you must share your secret with me. My first attempt at making cornbread in my skillet was DISASTROUS. I used PW's recipe (which, by all other accounts is supposed to be fabulous) and it was so yucky. Maybe my pan got too hot? Not totally sure...


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