Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday @ the Supermarket

Monday again, and time for my weekly grocery trip. I was pretty proud of my purchases today! My grocery budget will be slightly off this month, since I'm doing my first FULL day of freezer cooking and buying the bulk of March's food ahead of time. I will still need to make one more trip to the store before March 1st, to get fresh meat and produce.

6 lbs of pork loin and over 2 lbs of tomatoes
Spent: $14.44
Saved: $12.30

(baby not included)

Spent: $36.62
Saved: $66.99

A good week at Publix! The 1/24 RP has a $4 coupon for any Knox product, so I bought 2 Knox gelatins at $1.39 each and made over $5 overage on those! Sweet! Not to mention the awesome Viva Italia sale...:) I did have to buy several items without coupons in preparation for our freezer day, such as cherry pie filling and tuna.

Grand total spent: $51.06
Grand total saved: $79.29



  1. Good Job!! :)) Love the Picture...the Baby just makes it!!! :))

  2. I almost missed the hands holding your sweetheart up there. Very Cute!

  3. ADORABLE baby...and wonderful savings...good job!


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