Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Very Ambitious Freezer Day!

I have big plans for March's freezer cooking day! Never before have I actually tried to cook all my meals for the month in one cooking day, but on March 1st that will change! My friend Lindsey is joining me, and we are going to join Once a Month Mom and Amy's Finer Things in Once a Month Mom's Cook Off.

I'm very excited.

But it looks like a big bite to chew, even though everything is laid out for me...!

On OAMM you can find the menu, grocery list, and detailed instructions. And you can read about the prizes. :)

I've printed off all of the recipes, the instructions, and the grocery list and am making my way through all of them. I'm hoping I can find some deals on the groceries and reduce my grocery costs for March! Or at least feel like I have a bit more room to wiggle around with our $50/week grocery budget. I'll be tracking my costs, so I'll let you know how that goes.

In the meantime, I must clean out my freezer, because I'm trying to do all of this with just the freezer above my refrigerator! I'm making progress with this....need to give away the toaster strudels I got for $0.25/box, because the hubby and I decided we aren't fans of these super sweet pastries. And there's lots of spinach that needs eating.

There's more planning to do before the big day and I'll be updating again before it arrives. I'll have the big day documented for you, pictures and all!

Should be fun!

Love, Alicia


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