Thursday, February 18, 2010

Kindred Spirits

Through every stage of life, God has given me friends who are going through exactly the same things I am. It has been so sweet. One of these friends I have known for over 17 years (she came to my 8th birthday party).

Today my friend Christi came over and we talked about babies, budgets, menu planning, how to cook potatoes, how we're learning not to be overwhelmed or under false pressure (especially about having a perfectly clean home). As new moms, we are both learning so much in day to day life. It's the best sort of challenge.

I feel like I'm on an adventure!

And...what's possibly cuter than these two? Our babies are only 6 weeks apart.


Love, Alicia

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  1. Babies in sleepers are irresistable!

  2. Precious! Such a gift that you can share these days with a good friend.


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