Sunday, March 14, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

This week I have lots of ideas brewing in my head about experiments to try in my kitchen! I'm hoping to attempt homemade pizza sauce, chicken stock, poultry seasoning, condensed cream of chicken soup, and roast chicken. I have never made any of these, although they should be fairly straightforward. I want to make a habit of making my own chicken stock/cream of chicken soup and freezing it. Need to buy a strainer so I can strain my broth...

Here's this week's menu...

Breakfasts: more english muffins (we're on an english muffin kick) with jam, or breakfast sandwiches, cereal, stuffed pancake cupcakes.

Lunches: leftovers

Dinners by day of the week:
Monday--pizza night (we were going to do this last week, but plans got changed)
Tuesday--Curried chicken tidbits with rice, broccoli
Wednesday--Asian Pork Roast, carrots
Thursday--beef and lentil stew with homemade bread OR dinner at my parents (I work all day)
Friday--chicken wraps with veggies



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  1. Hi! Just found your blog from Org Junkie's site - it's great and your menu looks awesome! I'm a SAHM, too, to two toddlers. Looking forward to checking out your site more! -Holly


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