Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Spring Cleaning Part 2

Last week we were showing our house to potential renters. And we found some! We're very thankful and glad to check that off the list of "things to do before we move." Andrew and I spent a day last week cleaning like mad. I was expecting to do my spring cleaning a little more gradually, but we had people coming to see the house and we had to move it. Here are some before pictures.

The office, looking like a paper tornado blew thru

The guest room, which has been our catch all room lately

The bookshelf in our bedroom

After cleaning all day, these areas looked so much better (look below for after pictures), AND the rest of the house was shining as well. It's amazing what 2 people can get done in a day! A big thanks to my hubby for being so helpful--he's awesome. We even tackled 2 of the 4 bedroom closets (that is my last remaining cleaning/decluttering task).

AFTER pictures:

The office

Guest Room

Bedroom bookshelf

Time to start boxing things up for the move...
We also got rid of lots of stuff, but I'll update you on that at the beginning of next month!


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  1. Looks amazing! What a difference, give yourself a pat on the back....great job!

  2. Very cool! That guest bedroom looks almost as bad as MY second bedroom did .. then my dd decided she actually wanted to SLEEP in there, and I had to roll up my sleeves! LOL!

  3. Awesome job...I LOVE the before and afters!


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