Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Top Ten Reasons I Love Being a SAHM and Homemaker

Squishy (4 1/2 months) and me
Copyright Llore Photography

(In reverse order)
10. The bills get paid on time. When Andrew and I both worked full time sometimes often things slipped through the cracks. And you always remembered about them at the end of a harrowing shift at the hospital.

9. Since I'm taking care of a baby, I'm still dealing with body fluids, but on a much smaller scale (I worked as a nurse). Yep, I'm ok with this!

8. Time to cook!!! This has been a BIG plus. Who has any desire to cook after a 12 hour shift? Not me! Now I can have dinner on the table when Andrew comes home. I feel domestic and housewife-y....at least if I'm not burning something. Or breaking coffee pots.

7. Because of #8, we save money because it's easier to pack lunches and avoid eating out.

6. The house is cleaner. Way cleaner. I know where things are. The laundry gets done...at least more consistently.

5. I don't miss any of Squishy's "1sts"--how awesome! I get to be there for the momentous moments where he rolls over, coos, sits up, crawls, and eventually...walks! And so on.

4. When Squishy is old enough to be disciplined (glad we're not there yet), I'm on the job! The watcher of attitudes and enforcer of obedience! And praiser of good.

3. I have time to learn. I only have one kid right now! So I can learn about being a mommy, wife, homemaker, and lots of other things. Like blogging. And learning about different countries. Hopefully I'll still make time for these things when I have more kids, but I know it will be busier.

2. Everyone likes their roles. For a short period of time before we had Squishy, Andrew was unable to find a job and I was working full time. I teasingly called him my "house husband." But it didn't really work. Even though he did his best in that role, his heart wasn't in it the way mine is. Now, he works, I stay home, and Squishy eats, sleeps, smiles, and poops. Everyone is happy.

1. More time together as a family! As husband and wife, and as a family of three. This is, of course, the best of all!

I'm thankful.


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  1. So sweet! I love this. You're right---I love the way God designed families to grow together. If you had 4 kids all aged 8and up at once, you'd never make it. But growing together and learning how to be a mom and homemaker is fun. (And tiring. But fun.)

    Thanks for linking up today!

  2. I'm a WAHM and share many of those benefits. The bills get paid on time is a struggle though! I don't have time for bills ;)

  3. I love this post so much! You're making me very excited to stay home next year. :)

  4. What a great list! So glad you are enjoying being at home. You're baby is adorable!

  5. I echo Heather exactly! I am staying home when this school year is up, and this lists makes me so so very excited to do so. Can't wait! And P.S. I can never deal with mail till the weekend and by then things get lost. So happy I am not alone on that one.

  6. Aren't we blessed to have this option to be home?! I love it, too!! I was just talking with my teen daughters yesterday about the things we've had to live without because of trying to raise 5 kids on 1 income, but they told me without a doubt that it's worth it to have me home. They love that I am there when they leave and when they get home, available to talk whenever they need to, can take them to all their activities, and just the security of knowing that if they ever need anything, I'm at the ready. I wouldn't trade being a SAHM for anything!! :)

  7. As with any great blog I stumble upon, I go back to "the beginning" and start reading from there (I chalk it up to my "book" reading :P ). Anyway, I'm loving your blog!! And I loooove this post! I'm a SAHM, too, and this post fits me/us to a T :) (though DH never had to stay home, but housekeeping isn't his fav. thing.)

  8. Love love loving your blog. keep it up.

  9. That was my list when I first became a stay at home mom. Now that I am almost 2 years into the gig my list is different. It no longer includes cleaning the house (hired a housekeeper) but it does include being able to take naps. I hope you continue to enjoy your time as a SAHM.


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