Friday, April 23, 2010

Tea Anyone?

Ahhhh, Friday morning. Andrew is mowing the lawn, I just put Squishy down for his first nap, and I am sipping on black tea (with ample cream and sugar). :)

It's been a good week.

On Monday worked my second to last shift at the hospital. I am quitting just in time, because suddenly I am not able to keep up with Squishy's milk consumption by pumping.

As I mentioned before, on Tuesday our future tenants came and signed the rental agreement and paid the deposit. Yay. Next up, packing.

I had a lot of fun making huge messes in the kitchen this week! I roasted a young chicken (soooo yummy!), made 2 huge stock pots of chicken stock, a cream cake, and another attempt at homemade bread. This time--success! The bread is fabulous...moist but not too heavy, will work for sandwiches... and I'm so excited about it. Thanks Leah for the recipe! Tutorial on making it coming soon...Homemade bread is definitely a finer thing, and you get to feel all domestic when making it, to boot. ;)

I realized, however, that I need to start on my kitchen experiments earlier in the day. Andrew would come home from work and I would still be up to my elbows in flour and slightly flustered trying to connect with him, finish cooking, and take care of Squishy...which doesn't make for quality time together when he is off. I need to work on this.

And, by the way, does anyone have a good recipe for a cream cake/vanilla cake? The one I made was a little too dry for my liking--I enjoy moist cake.

With our move approaching in a month, I have been praying that God will prepare the way for us. I realized that I can start trying to get connected with moms down there now...I did a quick internet search and found a site just for moms in our new town--a way to meet and connect. Very cool.

Here are a few things I am really thinking/praying about for when we are in our new town:
  • Getting to know our neighbors. We will be in student housing, and I'm hoping that there will be lots of moms that I can get to know, or single people who need a family to feed them and love on them. I hope there are new people in our house all the time. We want to be a safe place for people.
  • If there is sufficient interest in my area, I want to host an organic produce co-op.
  • Of course, finding a new church. This could be easy, but it has the potential to be difficult.
  • Getting involved in the community! Sometime like Meals on Wheels or some sort of volunteering where I use my nursing skills...or maybe cooking for a refuge house? I'm praying that God will open up doors here. I know that there isn't meaning behind my religion if I'm not taking care of the widows and orphans of our society, and I want to be obedient to Jesus.
That's all that's on my heart for now.


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  1. mmmmmm! I ADORE homemade bread. I never make it anymore but I love how it tastes, how it smells, yum!

    Good luck with the move, sounds like you are on the right track getting invovled. I'm wondering about maybe ministering to the students since you will be in student housing, you know, ones without family close by, etc. Just a thought!

  2. Yes...I am thinking of students too...although mainly graduate students...we'll be in graduate student housing. :)

  3. Hi Alicia, I love your blog and your attitude of service to others. Your bread looks fabulous!! Good for you to take the time to bake homemade bread. (as I'm sure you are as busy as any one else is) God is so good to us all of the time and as you pray He is making a way for you to have smooth transition. Be blessed. :)

  4. That bread looks fabulous. I'd like a recipe for cream cake, too.

  5. Love homemade bread! I've got some rising now. :D

    Hope your move goes well and God grants you wisdom in your service in your new town! :D

  6. Reading this makes me want to cry. Cry for missing you, cry for joy for all the blessings you are experience, cry for sweet friendship and new beginnings....

    Thanks for touching my heart.

  7. Mmmmm ... I love homemade bread! I cheat and use a bread machine for the dough, but I like to bake it in my own oven. One batch in the bread machine gives me two nice loaves.

    By cream/vanilla cake, do you mean a regular white cake? I have one that's a no-fail, and I use it for birthday cakes. It's actually called Becky's Butter Cake. The first time I found it was for my daughter's first birthday - and she'll be six this September!

    You can find the recipe here:

    I hope that helps :)

    BTW - be happy you CAN pump. I could never pump worth a darn (even with an electrical pump) for any of my three kids. And they all nursed until they were between 16 or 21 months!

  8. I make homemade bread pretty regularly. I actually use my bread machine to do the dough. I take the dough out and put it in a loaf pan for a final rising. Then I bake it in the oven. The bread is soft and it's even 100% whole wheat! It doesn't turn out as soft when I bake it in the bread machine.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    I like black tea with cream and sugar too! :)

  9. Alicia,

    Look for older moms in your new area. There are lots of mom's like me who's kids have grown and moved out but I don't have grandkids yet. I'd love to have some little ones to spend time with but it's hard to approach a family, people think it's weird. It's too bad, it'd be a win/win. :)

    Best of luck and hope everything you're wishing for comes true for you

  10. Your bread looks wonderful! I baked four loaves day before yesterday. I'm just about to order my wheat for the year. Our co-op orders every May. I can never remember how may bags I buy. Maybe this year I'll write it down and keep track of it.

    I hope your move goes smoothly! Sounds to me like you will settle into your new home well. You've got an awesome attitude. I was an Army Brat and I always hated being the new kid. Wish I'd had more of your go get 'em attitude.

    Have a great weekend!

  11. Oh sound very ambitious! The only bread I've ever made is in my breadmaker...I think that the homemade bread purists would probably call that cheating but I'm afraid that's the best I can do! You certainly sound like you have your priorities straight...have a great wknd!

  12. Lots of good stuff going on over there. How exciting! Good luck with the move, and I'm sure you'll have a great transition to being home full-time.


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