Saturday, May 29, 2010

Bits from the Blogosphere: Buying Vanilla Beans and More...

Read any fabulous posts lately? Here are three of my favorites this week:

Making Homemade Vanilla For Christmas by the Heavenly Homemaker. I am so. excited. about. this. See what I'm holding in the picture above? My own bottle of "perpetual vanilla" that I LOVE.  I am so excited about making vanilla as Christmas will be affordable and very useful! *NOTE* To have this ready for Christmas, you need to start the process of extracting the vanilla starting in June! Read about how on Laura's post.

5 Tips to Minimize Your Time Online by A High and Noble Calling. Don't we all need this? The one tip that I need to implement the most is to turn my computer off when I'm done working on it for the time being. Just getting on to check "this one thing" always turns into a time-drainer.

10 Secrets for Making Pizzaria Quality Pizza At Home by ButterYum. I enjoy making homemade pizza and ButterYum gives some fun tips that I haven't tried before. Now I just need want a stoneware pizza pan and plastic pizza cutter! :)

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  1. Homemade vanilla - YUM!!! What a great idea!! I want to make some of that today! Thanks for linking up:)

  2. Thanks for those posts! I'm gonna have to try out the pizza now. It looks so good!


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