Monday, May 24, 2010

Bloggy Breakfast Bash!

Mmmmmmm, breakfast. I've always been a fan. I'm not one of those "Oh-I-Never-Eat-Breakfast" folks. Why would I want to miss out on breakfast? In fact, I always sort of envied Tolkien's hobbits and their "second breakfast" (but then I got pregnant and started a second breakfast routine anyway!).

That being said, I do like breakfast to be easy. We tend to save egg dishes for the weekend, unless I made this quiche ahead of time.

Growing up, my siblings and I were mostly a cereal gang (and seeing as I was one of six, I'm sure it was a challenge for my mom to even keep enough cereal stocked in the house!). And I still love my cereal, but lately, I've been on this english muffin kick.

Since Squishy sleeps until 8:30 (I know, don't hate me!), this has been my morning breakfast routine:

05:30-7am: Wake up, put the kettle on the stove. Brew my Earl Gray tea and pop the english muffin in the toaster oven. When done, add butter and jam. Then, curl up with my homey breakfast (and sometimes my cute husband, depending on whether or not he's working) and my Bible. 
And do you know what's even better? I recently discovered and made The Happy Housewife's english muffin recipe! Delicious! A little time consuming (don't stop there)... BUT very easy and much yummier, better for you, and cheaper than the store-bought kind! Look this happy plate of fresh-off-the-griddle muffins...

Ahhhh, a sigh of contentment.

So! Now I'm all ears. What are your best-loved breakfast recipes, traditions, stories, or routines? Please link up and share them with us. Two things: 1) Link directly to your blog post (not your blog's main page) and 2) As your hostess, please link back to me.

If you're not a blogger, join the conversation in the comments! :)

If you're on twitter, tweet your post with the hashtag #BreakfastBash and follow along with the fun! Let's visit each other and leave some commenting and re-tweeting love!



  1. I had "second breakfast" all through my pregnancy! It was a tough habit to break after the babies were born.

  2. Those english muffins look delicious! That's one I've never tried to make...

  3. I have a great stuffed french toast cupcakes on my blog but it is a really old post:-(

  4. Susie, old posts are just fine!

  5. Mermaid...yes, I had to break the habit, too! Although most of the time I am much less hungry when I'm nursing than when I'm pregnant...seems backwards.

  6. Thanks for inviting me to your breakfast blog! I'm now a follower.


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