Sunday, May 23, 2010

Menu Plan Monday--May 24th

My house is being taken over by boxes...everything is pulled out and scattered around the house. It's making for a big mess, which is making me feel uninspired when it comes to cooking dinner! But that's what menu planning is for, right? The times when you feel uninspired. Having a game-plan helps me get through!

So here's what it looks like:

Breakfasts: English Muffins with jam, Honey Wheat Bread with butter, smoothies, cereal (The Bloggy Breakfast Bash is tomorrow we can all be inspired, at least when it comes to breakfast! Come check it out and link-up!).
Lunches: leftovers, salads, sandwhiches

Dinners by day of the week:
Monday--Spaghetti with red sauce, garlic bread, and salad
Tuesday--Seasoned black beans and rice, green beans
Wednesday--Jerk-style pork stir-fry with veggies (this is a rare meal of pre-seasoned meat and veggies from our grocery store's meat department).
Thursday--Company over...haven't decided what to cook yet....! Any ideas...using chicken perhaps?
Friday--Good ol' pizza night using this pizza dough.

Head over to Menu Planning Monday at I'm An Organizing Junkie to get more ideas for what to put on the table. :)

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  1. Your English Muffin routine sounds great! Thanks for sharing.


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