Thursday, May 6, 2010

Butterhorns and Chicken Spaghetti

Mom and I are cooking away! We started at around 9:30, and it is taking us much longer than we anticipated, due to a lot of interruptions. But that's alright. We are slowly making progress and having fun at the same time. Mom is currently shaping the butterhorns, and I am about to assemble Sue Sue's casserole.

Ready to start cooking...

My LEAST favorite part of freezer cooking is NOT the dishes---it's the onions. Whew! Thank God for food processors.

Me assembling Chicken Spaghetti (all 4 9x13 pans are in the freezer now!)...

The butterhorn dough overflowed a bit.

More later! Back to cooking...

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  1. Wow Alicia, how do you do it? You are amazing! Good lucka nd have fun!


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