Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Generic vs Name Brand Diapers

Since I switched back to using disposable diapers, I have stuck with the big name brands. This is primarily due to the fact that with coupons, I can typically purchase a pack of diapers for around $3.50-$6.00/pack.

Until last week, when I had a $3 off coupon for a pack of generic store brand diapers.

So I tried the store brand version. From my favorite store.

The result?

  • A soaking wet little boy when I picked him up out of his crib the next morning. Eeeewwww.
  • More laundry. I think 3-4 onesies got pooped on today.
  • Puddles on the floor. I'm not kidding you folks. And I'm not talking about puddles of drool. 
  • I'm going through diapers like lightening--trying to change them before they explode!

Good-bye store brand diapers. I gave you a fair chance.

I heart my Huggies and Pampers!

How about you? Any luck with generic? If I had it my way, I'd still be using cloth diapers, but our new place won't have a washer and dryer...which won't make cloth diapering very do-able!

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  1. I think it all depends on the store brand diapers that you buy. We once tried using Aldi diapers and found them to be horrible, but, on the other hand, we've used Walgreens and Jewel brand diapers with good results. Thanks for sharing! :0)

  2. It's been years since I had a little one in diapers, but I agree. Cheaper diapers are SO not worth the mess.

  3. It definitely depends on the store also depends on the shape of your child. Some diapers fit better than others and some work better.

    You couldn't pay me to try Luvs again. And Pampers are so not happening for me...I cannot stand the smell of them. I also have trouble with their tabs tearing. And Huggies? The ink from the cutesie pictures has rubbed off on more than one of my daughter's outfits. (I do use their Overnights, though, they are great!)

    I have tried good store brand diapers and very bad store brand diapers. This is true of any generic don't judge by one bad experience.

  4. I LOVE the Sam's Club and Target brand diapers. Pampers leaked for me (plus, they smell). Huggies are loose on my skinny babies. I don't like Luv's.

    With a constant stream of 3 in diapers for the last 5 years (I have 6 children 8and under), I've found Sam's and Target diapers to be awesome--and a fantastic price, too.

  5. I will have to try Target diapers, perhaps (no Sam's club membership)!
    The diapers in questions were Publix brand. I loooove Publix, but apparently not their diapers.
    Has anyone tried the new Winn-Dixie brand diapers, Kuddles?
    So far I have never had any trouble with either Huggies or Pampers, although I slightly prefer Huggies (seem to be more flexible/more room for growth).

  6. Maybe you can go back to cloth somehow. A stackable washer/dryer?

  7. I love the Target diapers too. My favorites are Pampers, but Target is a close second.

  8. Sam's Club and Target diapers seem to be identical excpet for the printed design. The Target ones are kind of funny looking (polka-dotted!). The way they are made is the same, though, if that makes sense. Sam's are about 18 cents each and Target are about 19 cents each, so the prices are pretty close. It's not as cheap as you can sometimes get Huggies with coupons, but for the number of diapers I use, I need more than I can get with coupons.

    I really prefer the way they fit to anything else, and I think they hold a lot of wetness.

  9. I'm actually a Pampers fan. Every other brand I tried gave my little girl a diaper rash. But I have a friend who swore that Luvs were the only ones that fit her kids without leaking. I think it all just depends on the kid.

  10. We cloth diaper but use disposables when we're out on the town. We've used Parent's Choice (Walmart's brand) and they seem to work good! Though, I wouldn't suggest them for a newborn, they seem rough for itty bitty babies! They work well for my son at night time! I just received a coupon from the Winn Dixie Baby Club for a FREE pack of the Kuddles diaper, I will have to try them out and let you know how they work for us! Oh, and I have heard that Target brand diapers are great!

  11. We use Luvs and haven't had a problem. I really like the Seventh Generation that I received at my shower but they are a little more expensive.


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