Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Top Ten Perks to a House in the Country

Flowers outside the front door
It's our last week in our current home, and I've been taking the time to appreciate the advantages of living in the country.

1) The QUIET and relative solitude. The I-could-leave-the-door-unlocked-and-everything-would-be-fine feeling (even though I still lock the doors).

2) Having a dishwasher, clothes washer, and clothes dryer in the house. This has nothing to do with being in the country, but I'm grateful for these!

3) Sitting on the couch, looking out the window at the neighbor's 10+ free range chickens that strut over and scrounge around in our front yard. Maybe this is what started the "I want a chicken!" crazy thoughts.

4) A spacious kitchen! It makes freezer cooking (and just cooking in general) easier!

5) Stars. They're so clear and bright away from city lights! One day, I would love to look at stars from aboard a ship...

6) The white-washed road next to my house. I used to walk up and down this road and pray for my future husband. Now I walk up and down it with my husband (and my son!).

7) Enough space to have a guest room and an office. Aren't guest rooms lovely? I love having people over to stay the night!

8) Our current house is 7 minutes away from my parent's house. Can you say instant willing babysitters? Not to mention that I simply enjoy my parent's company.

9) A yard for grilling, bonfires, and gardening. Can you believe my flowers are still alive...despite my brown thumb and the unknown critter that was biting off all my flowers?

10) The window by my kitchen sink...it makes washing the dishes a happy place. :) And that's an accomplishment, isn't it?

What's the biggest perk to where you live right now?

Join us for oodles of lists (each 10 items long!) at Top Ten {Tuesday}!


  1. I live in the country as well and love it. I take it your moving to a city?

  2. You just made me miss my guest room - had to give the last one up after my daughter was born:( And the stars - a few years ago my husband & I visited a ranch in North Dakota. We could not get over the brightness & vastness of the stars!!

  3. This list makes me want to live in the country. How about affordable real estate? I live in No Cal and it is so dang EXPENSIVE here. We may never own. I love stars. And a big kitchen. And a window over my sink. And would love to have my own chickens (and EGGS!). But I also HATE to drive -- so I like to live urban-ish too. We are about to move to a smaller place without an extra room -- so no more office/guest room. Sad.

  4. Wow. Can I come over? :)

    The perk where I live? It's far out but not TOO far out! :)

  5. My house's greatest perk? Windows! We have tons of windows and the sunlight just pours through our house. :)

  6. Ooooooh, I love windows, Sarah!!!

  7. I think when Gunlover retires from the USAF I'd like to live in the country near a big lake or a pond.

  8. I'll miss your #9 the most! I loved having bonfires and hot tea at your place when it's cold!


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