Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Top Ten {Tuesday}: Helpful Articles for New Bloggers

I haven't been at this blogging thing for long. Sometimes it's like trying to learn a new language (and I'm not talking about HTML!).

In my first days of reading blogs and writing one myself, I wondered "Why the heck does everyone want me to follow them on facebook and twitter? What is RSS?"

Those questions have now evolved to slightly more sophisticated ones, but I'm still at the beginning end of this blogging learning curve.

Here are 10 posts/articles that I have found helpful (even just this week) in my beginning stages of blogging:

  1. Grow Your Blog~The Toolbox by The Happy Housewife (this lady is amazing!)
  2. Why You Need a Facebook Fan Page by Savvy Blogging. My facebook page is coming soon...stay tuned (shameless plug)!
  3. How to Number Your Comments by Mommy Moment--I did this a few days ago. Imagine all the counting of comments I had to do when I had my first giveaway without having numbered comments!
  4. How to Successfully Grow Your Facebook Fan Page by Savvy Blogging
  5. Five Commandments For Blogging by The Motherload. I especially liked commandment #3. Isn't it ironic (and sad) if blogging about what you love actually pulls you away from what you love?
  6. What in the World Is Twitter? by The Motherload. Twitter is finally starting to click with me.
  7. How to Install Google Analytics On Blogger by eBlog Templates
  8. Mapping Your Domain To Work With A Blogger Blog by GoDaddy. This is a bit more on the technical side, but very helpful if you buy a domain through GoDaddy and need to know how to make it so that when you type in your new domain addy, it takes you to your blog (wouldn't that be nice?). Amy also has a nice post on domains.
And then a few that I haven't actually implemented yet, but need to:
9. How to Submit Your Site to Google by Blogging with Amy.
10. Flavicon Generator (for Blogger) by Blogger Book.

Here's to learning new things! Is there anything that particularly helped you when you started blogging?

There's lots of Top Ten Fun going on at oh Amanda...join in!

Love, Alicia

P.S. A shout out to Household 6 Diva--I found some of these links through her awesome blogging page!



    1. Thanks for sharing these links! I am always looking for ways to "improve" my blog - I'll be sure to check out the ones I missed above!

    2. Great list! I read a lot of these articles when I first started blogging too!

      Very helpful!!

    3. I'll definitely be reading these sometime soon. Thanks fro sharing. :)

    4. Thanks for all the tips and links! I found this tutorial helpful for making a flavicon: http://www.aprilshowersblogdesign.com/2009/04/tip-of-week-how-to-add-favicon-to-your.html


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