Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Cookbooks In My Kitchen

I have this growing addiction affection for cookbooks. Lately when I see an interesting cookbook I have to stop myself from entertaining the idea of purchasing it, because I already have enough unexplored information in the cookbooks you see pictured here, several of which have served me very well in the past few years.

My favorites are:

The Joy of Cooking--There's so much good info here! The recipe I use most often is the one for rolled biscuits. They come out fluffy and delightful every time.

The Silver Palate Cookbook--This was a gift for my birthday back in December and it contains what is now my staple carrot cake recipe. It's out of this world. This cookbook is a little more on the ritzier side, with more gourmet ingredients, some of which I don't have handy in my kitchen on a daily basis.

Which brings us to The New Basics Cookbook, written by the same authors. This one, if you couldn't guess from the title, has more basic recipes...and it is really thick! I get lost perusing the pages (yes, yes, I know....this is where you can insert my teenage brother rolling his eyes). I used the recipe for chicken stock as the template for the stock I regularly make.

Want a cookbook with lots of wonderful pictures and tutorials for each recipe? The Pioneer Woman Cooks is pretty fabulous. Haven't made anything in it I haven't loved. Including sour cream pancakes, chicken spaghetti, red velvet cake, guacamole, creamy mashed potatoes, and some lovely fattening macaroni and cheese. These recipes can be made with simple ingredients but are huge crowd-pleasers.

I also have this book on which foods freeze well and how to freeze them called Will It Freeze? I picked my copy up at Goodwill, and it has been a great reference for me.

I keep old family recipes and ones that I find online in the binder that you see pictured. I only put recipes that I have tried and liked in this binder, so that they don't get confused with all the recipes I want to try in the future (a never-ending list). This binder is simple and works for me.

What are your favorite cookbooks? I'm particularly interested in freezer cooking cookbooks that have tried-and-true recipes!

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  1. I LOVE PW's cookbook! I got for Christmas a recipe book of all the recipes that were in my great-grandma's recipe binder.....I can honestly say that there are a couple HUNDRED recipes in there. Most of which I will be featuring on my blog.

    Have a great day!

  2. I have a recipe binder too! I think we might be the same person in different cities...

  3. @ Jamie--aren't family recipe books awesome? I made one with some of the recipes we grew up on for 2 of my sisters last Christmas...
    @ Kelley--haha, you are cracking me up! I just read on your blogger profile that you're a nurse, and so am I! What kind of nursing do you do?

  4. I love my Better Homes and Gardens cookbook. I got it when I was 18 or 19, and I still find new things in there that I want to try.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for a good vegetarian cookbook? I'm cutting back the meat consumption in our family, and I always need new ideas.

  5. I have a recipe binder... and it's very thick :P Most of the recipes are from my growing up years, but whenever I find a new recipe that I like (that's not in a cookbook) I add it. It's the one I use all.the.time!!

  6. im addicted to foodgawker and tastespotting.. i am always looking at the different things posted there and then i print off the ones i like.. well i started printing and it got to be too much! so i started saving the links on a free website so i can just check there to see quickly if there are any id like to make this week

  7. Going to start the binder and I have all 3 of the SP cookbooks, Joy of cooking that was my mothers wedding present, Fannie Farmer & FF baking. And many more. Two years ago, I made my sisters and cousins family cookbooks. what fun that was researching all our recipes into one.


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